Welcome to all you crazy animal lovers. You're in good company around here. Why? Because we love our critters. If we aren’t chasing guinea fowl, swimming with the turkeys, or discovering that we own cross-dressing hens then we are working hard to change laws for the protection of these wonderful animals. Below are some recent posts. Feel free to giggle, grin, and possibly wipe away a tear. Be sure you check out our animal housing plans, too!


Contests and giveaways are our way of saying thank you for reading the blog and leaving us comments (which are utterly delicious and keep us in stitches, you creative things you). They are also some good old fashioned fun that you can participate in whilest wearing your pjs and fuzzy bunny slippers. We won't tell.


The only thing I love to do more than cooking is eating -- or hadn’t you guessed? No need to waste precious time (which could be spent eating!) when there are great eats and man-pleasing’ recipes to be found right here. Bake bread like a pro, make pizza that will soothe even the pickiest pallet, stir up some homemade yogurt and cream cheese, and find out what’s on the menu at the Razor house. We'll also teach you the secrets to canning/preserving those yummy treats, too! Dig in!

Crafts and Home

Crafts like knitting, sewing, soaping, and quilting keep me sane and our family warm in winter. Most recently, crafting and DIY household projects has saved us some money. How? Because I now make my own laundry and dishwashing detergent, green cleaners, and I render my own beef tallow for soapmaking (and some pretty yummy pie crust, let me tell you). Included in this section are some uber-easy recipes, tutorials, and rants. Check ‘em out!


Family is kind of a big deal here. Hence, Razor FAMILY Farms. We are in the process of adopting a child/children and decided to share our journey. Soon, amidst the ramblings, recipes, and pictures of critters -- there will be human children. Gasp! I also like to use this area to gush about the joys of being married. (Another gasp might be appropriate.)


Gardening is Prozac for the soul. Every single step from planning to harvesting is thrilling and comforting. Growing your own fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs not only saves you money but keeps you healthy. We like healthy. Yup. We also like to talk about making organic pesticides, gardening with chickens, Seeds of Change, compost, and DIY vegetable wash. Come and explore our garden patch!


Simple living is the name of the game here and most of my ramblings revolve around that concept. I reveal my opinions, dreams, plans, and confessions which range from farming to politics. This is the spot to find out some really great ways to be the change you seek in the world by taking simple measures like using cloth (reusable) grocery bags and supporting local farmers. This is also where you can read about our latest medical mission trip and explore the world around us. It’s also just a nice little zone to chill out and read some way cool stuff.

Imperfect Perfect Family Portraits

June 14, 2013 by  

As a child, I remember walking around my grandparents’ house looking at family portraits for hours.  My favorite photos were always the slightly flawed shots because in those, I could connect with these people who I had never known.  There, frozen in time, was a young family headed to church with my great grandmother’s cardigan sweater buttoned incorrectly, my great grandfather squinting into the sun, and my grandmother looking as though she’d misplaced her favorite doll.  They weren’t properly professionally posed and not everyone looked directly into the camera.  They were real.   Read more…..

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