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USS Missouri boarding2

Over the years, we’ve lived in some interesting places and each possessed a unique history but none quite so personal as Oahu’s Pearl Harbor. My paternal grandparents moved here in the summer of 1941 with the United States Navy and were here when Japanese planes dropped bombs on this tiny tropical paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As with any act of war, the reverberations are felt long after the smoke clears and casualties assessed. For me, there is a familiarity to this place because I grew up hearing hearing eye-witness accounts of that fateful day which, indeed, lives in infamy. View full post »

  • debra pastuszynski - Great article. Well written, wonderful photos.ReplyCancel

  • debra pastuszynski - Great article. Well written, wonderful photos. I lost 2 ancestors on the arizona that day. A father and son.ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - Lovely, Lacy. Wonderful tribute. My FIL was an air traffic controller at the Berlin Airlift. I confess to knowing precious little about that before I married. We were fortunate enough to travel to Germany with him for the 50th anniversary celebration of the Lift. What a moving tribute that city had for those men. Even the younger generation was very gracious and grateful for all that was done for them. Truly the greatest generation.ReplyCancel


When it comes to mountains majesties, it’s hard to imagine that Denali has any competition and there’s no better view of it than from Talkeetna (unless you are in the air). Talkeetna is an enchanting little village in “big snow” country, though the locals say the big snows seem to have been replaced by scads of black bears and tourists. Keep in mind that to Alaskans, “big snow” means 10+ feet (or 3+ meters) of snow.

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  • Margo - You’re back! or rather it seems you never really left but I seem to have missed the new site, new updates etc. So happy you posted on my blog so I could “find” you again. Hurrah! :-) ReplyCancel


Prior to being a stay at home mother, I explored a few different professions. The last full-time paid job I had was incredibly difficult to leave because I finally found a place where I belonged. From finding a gluten-free sugar-free vegan birthday cake just hours before it was needed to arranging for a string quartet to pop out from behind some trees and perform for a couple on their 20th wedding anniversary: I loved being a concierge. So why am I a stay-at-home mother and how is that enough for me? View full post »

  • Allan - Lacy, you need never doubt what a capable woman you are. Plus your kind heart is evident in all you do.ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Thank you! What an extraordinary compliment — especially because I know that you are speaking from the heart — and it quite made my week (possibly month). <3ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - You are a rockstar! Well said.ReplyCancel

  • Jana Frerichs - You work harder than anybody I know. You are an excellent mother and wife and I have never doubted your ability to do anything you wanted. I am proud to call you my friend. You have taken time out of your busy schedule to console me when I was having doubts about myself! You are amazing.ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Jana, my lovely friend, you are such a breath of fresh air! I love how you fully embrace life and all of its bizarre antics, gorgeous mysteries, and dazzling complexities. You inspire me! You’ve overcome so much and with such grace & humility.

      Thank you. Thank you for the honor of your friendship. I love your heart!ReplyCancel

  • Jana Frerichs - And… I forgot to say, you are a rockstar. You rock like KISS! Love ya Lacy!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dianne - Lacy, what a wonderful post! I have no doubt that you could easily be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company if you so chose, but why should/would you?! You have the most important job ever now. You are making memories for your family that will be priceless. You excel at everything you do! Just enjoy the beautiful journey…ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Dianne,

      Bless you for your kind and wise words! I cannot begin to tell you how much they mean to me. Indeed, I do feel that my job as a mother is the most important one (and best) I’ve ever had. He’s such a terrific little kid and he teaches me so much about life.ReplyCancel