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I love absolutely everything about the westernmost tip of Oahu. My favorite way to access Ka’ena Point is from the west side of the island because I get to drive through some very non-tourist, aloha-filled towns and enjoy views of sparkling white sand beaches with azure waters beneath dramatic mountainscapes. After the drive, I get to hike a great little cliffside trail to the point and then hang out with monk seals. Want to join in the fun? View full post »



Want a showstopper side dish? Are you searching for color and flare to dress up your Rueben sandwiches and hamburgers? Have you recently taken an interest in immunity-boosting lacto-fermentation dishes? Well, my epicurean friend, look no further. Ruby red sauerkraut is the swanky alternative that’s sure to impress — especially if you can say that you made it yourself. View full post »

  • Rosag - Scrumptious and ever so healthy!



  • Sara Borgeson - Question: after I massage the cabbage with the salt, juniper berries and caraway seeds, do the berries and seeds go into the jar along with the softened cabbage?ReplyCancel

  • Margo - Looks gorgeous – I made a new batch of Kimchi today, but I’m going to try this when red cabbages are back in seasonReplyCancel

Until we moved to Hawaii, I’d only snorkeled a few times and most of those experiences happened when we visited Hawaii in 2009. I can still remember the first time I snorkeled alongside a sea turtle and the magic of seeing one up close. Now that we have a GoPro, I can share our snorkeling experiences with you! View full post »