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Behind the Egg Labels: What Do They Mean? A Mystery Giveaway, too!


And there are just so MANY labels! Are labels like “Cage-Free” and “Vegetarian” simply new ways to charge us more money? I’ve investigated, ugg france shock resistant iphone 8 plus case got myself thoroughly confused, bottes ugg soldes iphone 6 case with hand strap and then sorted it all out to share with you.

  • Lucy - Hi Lacy,

    Thank you for your article. I’ve always been pretty skeptical about the labeling of eggs and things like honey (how does one control a bee?). You clarified several things. I must admit, the eggs I used to get from my brother’s little farm, where the chickens roam all over the yard and farm munching at all sorts of things are the best eggs we’ve ever eaten, The yolks are bright and flavorful. We really miss them since we’ve moved (my brother’s family and his eggs.) Great job!


  • Nancy Straka - I have just ordered labels and egg cartons from my petchicken and we decided on Hand gathered eggs, and Help us keep our earth green, please return cartons, and Mixed Sizes. We felt all of those reflect on our eggs.
    I give the eggs and sell them to people on the road and relatives.
    This is the first time I have ever eaten a fresh laid chicken egg and they truly are the best! The yolks are to die for!ReplyCancel

  • kerry - thanks for bringing these things to our attention.ReplyCancel

  • Robbyn - Lacy, we LONGGGG to have our own chickens. There’s a group an hour away starting an urban chicken (protest until the laws are changed) movement, but till the legislation changes, we’re under an iron hand of restrictive codes that allow not even ONE, even as a pet. Ridiculous!! I think we’ll soon be in the chicken underground, though, whenever we get a fence. Thanks for such a great article! Even if there is not a ton of square footage, a home-raised flock no matter how small gets a LOT of quality care and life that industrial settings can never offer. SO much of our great food trimmings end up in the compost, and chickens would SO benefit from them AND from the compost…and the grass that grows faster than we can cut it…and the insects, etc etc. Oh, for chickens…


  • Rosa - An interesting article! we don’t have that many types of eggs here ;-P! !

    Cheers and have a wonderful weekend,


  • Lori - Great Article Lacy……I did NOT watch the video….can’t do it.

    Our ladies are getting set to lay soon and I cannot wait. We’ve been building the flock as well….we now have 4 additional teenagers and 13 three week olds still inside the house with me. Sad to report one of the babies has severe crossed beak and I’m hand feeding to see if we can help it survive – a second has a moderate cross and I’m trying Penetran on that one……

    Love Grit by the way….ReplyCancel

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