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Guests en route… distracted


Here are the male guinea fowl on their perch. The guineas really love their new space and we’ve noticed that our female has gone broody. Seeing our happy guinea fowl has us longing for chickens again. We have the coop and thought that we would wait until spring. Why wait? So, this weekend we’ll pack up all of our guests (or whoever wants to go) and visit the auction house/flea market in Alabama to see what we can find. We also thought about picking up some female guinea fowl to add to our family!

My apologies to the knitting circle. I got home from grocery shopping, fixed dinner, and then ran out of time. I missed you though!

  • Sami - Congrats on getting the guinea’s new home done. They look so cute in there! I can’t wait to see the chickens! I agree….why wait? I live in the city and would LOVE to have a lamb. The city code says that I can’t have one if a neighbors door is within so many feet of where it would be living. I have often thought about measuring it out to see if there is a slight chance I would be within regulation. Have a great day!ReplyCancel

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