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Proof of Life

Angelina, baby hiding

Yes, folks, tucked under Angelina’s itty-bitty bantam wing is the tiniest ball of fluff (read: chick) that I have ever encountered. nike air max thea charger case iphone 6 Its eyes appear so big that it could be a Japanese anime character… only not as violent. canada goose Moncler enfant doudoune pas cher And Angelina? Well, she’s in love. timberland chaussures doudoune femme moncler pas cher Most of the time. iphone 7 red leather case Angelina & Baby

As Angelina sang out warning growls, the baby couldn’t resist peeking out from Mom’s feathers. ugg femme pas cher Angelina was not thrilled with her baby’s curiosity. bottes timberland iphone 7 plus case disney silicone She attempted to fold her wings around her rebellious young ‘un.


Which proved futile, of course.

Angelina with Baby

Just goes to show… nike internationalist soldes holographic iphone 7 case rebellion is not limited to human children. moncler pas cher iphone 8 plus thin gel case It’s official: all offspring are actively plotting to takeover by driving us macaroni-project-and-confiscated-shoelaces crazy. iphone 6 case aristocats Puzzle factory here we come.

Want to read other animal behavior observation posts? Check out Every Waking Moment and Sympathy Itch. bottes ugg soldes Have a good chuckle. doudoune femme moncler iphone 8 case light You owe it to yourself.

  • Laura - Such a precious little baby! Congrats on the new chick!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - So cute, I love it!ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - How cute! I can hardly stand it. The feed store has had ducklings for too long. I really don’t need anything else to take care of right now!ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Laura — Thank you! We’re totally thrilled!

    Kim — Seriously, I think that baby bantams are the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

    Julie — Get yourself those ducklings! They are so easy to care for and you’ll love every minute of having them. Promise!ReplyCancel

  • Dee - Aw, how sweet! I love baby chicks. They’re like a living ball of fluff. lol
    Congratulations, my friend, I know you’ll have many smiles from the little one.

  • Rosa - Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures! Awww, that’s so cute!



  • Marlene - Dear Lacy,
    I really like the pictures of your mother hen. She is so protective of her baby. The chick is so cute trying to poke his/her head out as if to say (I want to see too Mom). Miss you lots. Busy here. It looks like you are to. Love AlwaysReplyCancel

  • Kath - Aaaw. Chicks are the cutest.ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Dee — Yes, lots of smiling going on around here!!

    Marlene — Thinking of you! Hope things slow down a bit!

    Kath — Aren’t they??ReplyCancel

  • Tia Julie - I am sooooooooooo excited. The chick is so cute. I am sure the entire extended family is proud!ReplyCancel

  • Dianne - aaawww….they’re both beautiful! What breed of chicken is she? I love them!ReplyCancel

  • Brandon - We have a bantam just like this one and she is by far our favorite!
    I have never encountered such a docile, sweet, and curious bird in my entire life. She is almost 2 years old now and STILL allows us to pick her up without her running off screaming like some of the other hens we have.
    She was the first of our flock to go broody, the first to hatch any chicks, and the most caring of all the mother hens. She even hatched a mix between White Leghorn and Rhode Island Read, which is now HUGE! It was hilarious to see her scold the chick even though it towered over her after only a few weeks.

    Now she is content alongside our newest bantam rooster and we’re looking forward to her next clutch of eggs to hatch with some beautiful, hopefully sweet, bantams.

    I’m so happy to see a picture of this beautiful bird! Thank you!ReplyCancel

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