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Snowy Georgian Critters

goatWe interrupt our regularly scheduled program (of my annual Virginia Trip) to bring you: A doe in the SNOW!  While the rest of the East Coast enjoyed or didn’t enjoy the blizzard of 2010 with its various nicknames (Snowtorious B.I.G., Snowpocalypse, etc.), Georgia watched the rain fall.  Well, until Friday
Snowy Sunrise Over the Coop

…and then our entire county and surrounding counties completely shut down.  In fact, at the mere mention of snow falling here, schools were cancelled a full twenty-four hours prior to any actual snow falling.  Having witnessed the Georgians attempting to drive in the snow, I completely back the local schools in their decision to close.  Steer into the skid, people!

Josh and I hail from the north country where snow is simply par for the course, so we do not fear snowy weather.  You will not find us in a tug-of-war with someone for the last loaf of bread in the grocery store as soon as snow escapes the lips of the weatherperson.  That’s a silly idea anyway because we don’t buy bread.  We make our own.

Snow Angel

We also make our own entertainment.  I promise you that this photo was preceded by the following words: “Look, Lacy, a snow angel.”

Arctic Cat_2

Athena, our kitten (who is quickly becoming a cat but will forever be known as “the kitten”), had never seen snow before and watched as Sparta, our older cat, chased snowflakes. Athena soon got over her fears and romped in the snow with Sparta. They were our Arctic Cats. Aren’t we clever?

Barred Rocks Investigating Snow

Determined to capture the snowy splendor, I got up before the sun and the chickens to take pictures. The idea was to catch a snowy Georgia sunrise. I also wanted to see the chickens emerge from the coop. It played out in my mind so perfectly but the sun wasn’t quite high enough when the chickens came out of the coop and then galloped with exaggerated steps through the snow to the deck.

Buff Orpington Rooster at Sunrise

They refused to come out from under the deck and would not pose in the light regardless of my begging or promises of cherry tomatoes.  The photos all failed to capture the hilarity of my high-stepping chickens.  Only the rooster came out to stomp around the clothesline but it just wasn’t as funny as seeing the entire flock with skirts (feathers) lifted and feet so high that they looked like short, chubby, and dancing flamingos.

Wobbly Icicles at Sunrise

I quickly got over my disappointment when I noticed the icicles. When it snowed last year, there was a noticeable lack of icicles. Not this year. They were everywhere and I couldn’t get enough of them.  Aren’t they lovely?  I love the wobbles and tiny frozen bubbles.  It’s as if they formed from champagne.

Thank you for allowing me to share the Georgian Snow with you.  If you simply must see more snow pictures, then click here to be taken to a slideshow.

This has been a test.  We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

  • Auntie Katydid - Sgt. Grumpy and the Monsters were all off on Friday and we went downtown to lunch at Picasso’s. Broadway looked as though it were encapsulated in a giant snowglobe. The falling flakes were fat and fluffy and filled our family with free-spiritedness unfailing! Much frolicking followed — flobs flung fairly by some and by others with flailing, false aim. Fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - Priceless! I love the snow angel ;-P! Pretty shots, as usual… I’d love to be in such a peaceful place…



  • Marlene - Hi there,
    The animals look cute. Coming from snow country myself I can appreciate the fact that they close down the schools in Georgia. It looks lovely there. Your snow angel looks just great and happy. Too bad there wasn’t a picture of you with the halo too. Next time.
    Love AlwaysReplyCancel

  • Linda Sue - Love the high stepping rooster – our chickens had a rough time with our recent snowstorm – the awning/cover over their run collapsed under weight of the snow – and our chickens didn’t even know tomake a break for it! Repaired the cover today – security reigns – and best thing about the snow – it is almost gone! Fun for a day of picture taking – then give me Texas warm weather again thankeweverymuch!ReplyCancel

  • amy - love the captured icicle! and the snow angel.=)ReplyCancel

  • Michele - Good grief! I can just see those chickens walking through the snow. Too funny.ReplyCancel

  • Kath - Want more snow head on over!!ReplyCancel

  • tipper - Lacy-I liked the test : ) and I loved the photos! I think you captured the chickens very well!ReplyCancel

  • Tia Julie - Great post and photos. You captured Joshua’s smile just perfect. I can’t tell if the doe was trying to smile or was just thinking “what in the world is going on”.ReplyCancel

  • Paula - Your snow pictures are beautiful. We live in the northcoast rain forest in Oregon so snow is only a few flakes when it does come, though, like you, I grew up in snow country.
    I can just picture your chickens high-stepping through the cold white stuff and love the shot of your rooster.
    Hope you’re toasty and warm and nursing that broken hand back to health~ReplyCancel

  • CrossView - We thoroughly enjoyed our snow day, too! LOL! We had such fun watching how our critters reacted. And I’m with ya on closing things down. People here can NOT drive in snow.ReplyCancel

  • Fishing Guy - Lacy: That has to make for a lot of confused critters.ReplyCancel

  • Wordpress Themes - Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you as your information.ReplyCancel

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