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What could be more grotesque than the bathrooms at a biker bar and more frightening than watching “Plastic Surgery Nightmares”? Bad roommates. Moncler enfant doudoune pas cher Now cue the screechy horror movie music. DSC_0034 Most of us can tell some hairy roommate stories. nike magista bottes ugg soldes moment case iphone 7 There are the classics: all of your carefully stowed and labeled groceries mysteriously vanish from the cupboards and fridge, the roommate throws wild parties just as soon as you leave to visit friends/family and you return to find FEMA trailers in what used to be your living room (okay… Timberland Femme iphone 7 music case I’m being dramatic here), and any items not tied down or welded to the floor are either broken beyond recognition or beamed to some far away galaxy. prix doudoune moncler puma basket gymnastics iphone 6 case Oh, and the filth! The stalactites of cheese growing in the microwave, piles of moldy clothing and dirty dishes, and the plethora of unidentifiable stains which would stump even the finest CSI team. canada goose pas cher iphone 7 case with finger grip


The chicks are too big to stay in our outdoor chick-tractor but too small to join the rest of the flock on pasture. We temporarily moved them to the guinea pen with the rabbit. ugg enfant bottes timberland star phone case iphone 6 Winchester, our rex rabbit, appears to be taking it all in stride. acheter newbalance soldes puma chaussures marble iphone case 7 plus She’s a diplomatic creature who observes her new roommates with a mixture of amusement and annoyance.

  • Lynnie - They look awfully cute in the same cage!

    Hmmmm, roommate stories? I am afraid I was one of the roomies probably causing quite a bit of the filth. I remember once “for the fun of it” flinging a handful of pistachio pudding at the windows on the pantry door. It then stayed there….for four years!!!!! How about I just leave it at that! : )ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - I’ve never had a roommate. Well, unless you count my sister or my husband. My sister was so bad I didn’t have another until my husband. ; )ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - i never had a roommate, so I would not be able to pronounce myself on the subject… Thanks for the adorable pictures!



  • Wolf Paranormal - Oh my… LOL Well, thankfully, I don’t have any roommate horror stories to tell, but I have definitely HEARD some horror stories, and those stories have made me glad that I’ve never had roommates. :O

    It’s so sweet that Winchester is able to take the invasion of the chicks so well. She must be a very patient creature, indeed, to put up with their antics. LOL

    Thanks for making me smile today, Lacy. I hope you have an awesome day! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Wolf Paranormal - Ooops – sorry about that – the email thingie in the previous comment had a couple of extra letters it wasn’t supposed to have. ::blushes:: Sorry about that….ReplyCancel

  • Mel - Well lets see… my roommate freshman year was great so I asked her to move on social club hall with me for my sophomore year. Then the real her came out. She would practice her piano all hours of the night with her headphones on whispering LOUDLY to the time of the music, call resident life and tell them that people were WALKING too loud in the hallways and she couldn’t study and when I asked her if she would feel better living somewhere else she said yes and then wrote me this half-crazy note about how I was kicking her out of her room even though I offered to move first. Then she literally cried about how I wasn’t sympathetic about her eye twitch that went on for a week and acted like I didn’t care….. then there was my suitemates who were so disgusting I didn’t want to go into the bathroom we shared because their rooms STINK wafted over to the bathroom. There were several times I dug through their room when they were gone to throw away the MOLDED salads and cheeseburgers that had found their way under a pile of clothes or books to get rid of some of the stink. One of those suitemates was so un-hygenic she didn’t shower using soap, only hot water, because she said she was allergic (when she showered at all)… I could go on, but I should probably stop here 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Barbie - Well, there was this one who let her laundry pile up to near the ceiling…oh wait, that was me.

    Ummm…the other one who never cleaned her stuff out of the fridge until it was literally growing hair. Shoot, that was me, too.

    Lol, I’ve never actually had a roommate (other than dh!), so I just have to pick on myself.ReplyCancel

  • heatherj - hmmmm… it sounds as if you are describing my pre-teen son.

  • Sophie - hahahahahahahahahaha,…I have never had a roommate before so I don’t know!

    Lovely pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Sasha - I always ended up living with guys, both during college and then once I moved to the west coast… always platonic. But boys are pigs. Their idea of cleaning up the kitchen after they used it would be to put the dishes in the dishwasher. Never mind wiping off the counters or the stove. Dirty socks and underwear laying in the living room. In college, we (four of us) would take turns doing dishes. So if it was to be my turn on Monday, the person from the week prior would sometimes wait to do their dishes till it was mid week, MY Week! So there would be 10 days of dishes piled up. Ugh. But I still have fond memories even with these messy boys!ReplyCancel

  • Kath - Aaaaw. Cute!

    The only roomies I have ever had were family. Sisters werent too bad. Then hubs. And kiddos. My blog shares the excitement of living with them!

    My college age kids have had some doozies. On the filth side anyway which they found they could not live with. I guess I taught them one thing!! didnt always show til they were in college tho!! lolReplyCancel

  • Ariel - My first room mate at college had “Night Eating Syndrome” – it’s a real thing! My mum spent the year sending me articles on it after each of my calls home. Anyway, the first time I noticed was when Anna’s mum called one night. I saw her phone ringing and told her it was her mum, although she was already asleep. She sat straight up in bed, then turned, stood, took a box of cookies out of her closet, then lay back down and attempted to eat the cookies with her mouth guard still in – lots of slurping an no memory of this the next morning. After that, I started noticing this just about every night. One night the rest of our suite was all sitting around in the living room when she came walking through in her NES trance to the kitchen. We tried telling her her boyfriend was there or anything else to try to get a reaction. We switched tactics and tried to convince her to go back to bed with soothing beckoning. Suddenly she paused mid-peanut butter spreading and abruptly dropped the knife and sticky toast, turned and walked back to bed. When I woke up to find raisins in my bed – and hair – and clothes – and everything else – after she had spent the night picking them out of her granola and sleep-flicking them in my general direction, I knew it was time to move out.ReplyCancel

  • Hallie - Keep these artcelis coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.ReplyCancel

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