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Sympathy Itch

In our little corner of south Georgia, it is not uncommon to see folks clawing away at itchy spots throughout the summer months. These spots could be caused by any number of things: poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak, chiggers, ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, etc. These stinging, biting, and/or poisonous critters and plants know no prejudice. They happily engage with people of all shapes, sizes, and bank accounts. This means that during any gathering of Southerners, a sympathy itcher (like me) will be kept very busy.

I can’t help it. If they itch, then I itch.

As many have figured out: I am fascinated by animal behavioral science and thrill to the thought of unlocking the secrets of the universal truths. Today’s universal truth: we are all sympathy itchers. Case in point:

“I wonder what bit me, Hue?”

“Hang on, Loo. There’s something under my wing.”

“You know, that’s funny because my shoulder itches, too.”

At some point, we just have to leave. The itching cycle will continue indefinitely. Was there really a real cause for the itch? The world may never know…

Tell me: are you a sympathy itcher? Can you stand the mere mention of lice, mosquitoes, fleas, or poison ivy? Are you itchy right this very minute?

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