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Every Waking Moment

In life, there are a few odd little quirks which all of us share. It begins when we are infants and continues well into old age until we just don’t have the energy for quirks any longer. While spying on the turkeys this weekend, I witnessed and managed to catch on film (in Marty Stauffer-like fashion) an amazing animal/human similarity. Oh yeah, I really did it this time. Who made the groundbreaking discovery that had behavioral scientists scratching their heads for centuries? This girl (*points to self*).

Ahh yes, the sleeping angel. And what are those? Oh yes, those are the feet of the wide-awake friend/pal/life partner.

Some innocent grooming with one foot still tenderly touching the sleeping angel.

And maybe the other side, too.

“Oh, you’re up then? I didn’t wake you did I?”


Yes, folks, you saw it here first. They do it, too. Why can’t we stand to be the only ones wide awake? Why must we perch and hover over our sleeping parent/spouse/sibling/friend, then innocently stretch or scratch or wriggle until they are awake? Why? Why? Why?

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