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Good Golly, Another Goat!

Saanen buck

And there he stood, with stained beard and mischievous eyes while autumn breezes sent dry leaves zig-zagging across the cloudless Georgian sky. apple iphone 7 phone cases marvel Now, if we could just get our new Saanen buck loaded up and headed back to our own small corner of Harris County. Of course, all of our promises of lovely Nubian does failed to convince him into gleefully hopping into our waiting trailer. No sir. moncler soldes

Josh attempts to herd the buck

His reasons for staying on the farm outside of Athens were certainly understandable. Josh and I wanted to stay, too. real leather iphone 6 case Gently sloping pastures dotted with majestic shade trees and a lovely herd of show-quality Saanen does were just a few reasons to want to put down some firm roots.

White Peacock with Saanen herd in background

Peacocks, chickens, and guinea fowl hopped upon sparkly new fences and aluminum gates. Timberland Femme The wind carried the sacred sounds of the countryside: the distant chugging of an old tractor, happy barking of an excited Labrador, and silvery whisper of golden grasses dancing in the sunlight.

iphone 8 apple case silicone by razorfamilyfarms, on Flickr” href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/30646800@N07/4084451214/”>Ain

Nevertheless, the buck’s time was up at the farm. As Emperor Kuzco said (in The Emperor’s New Groove), “You’re being let go. Your department is being downsized. You’re part of an outplacement. We’re going in a different direction. iphone 8 plus phone case rose gold We’re not picking up your option.” However you want to say it, transfers are part of a male dairy goat’s life. He stood — triumphantly — on a round bale with two does stretching up to him like groupies at a rock concert while his new owner and former owner waited with lead ropes at the ready. I madly snapped pictures and took video (click here to watch the guys attempt to corner the goofy thing) as he lept off the bale and headed for the barn. iphone 6 se case leather Why wasn’t I helping with the herding? Well, it’s a wise woman who knows her strengths and I happen to know that tackling stinky goats isn’t one of my talents. Trust me, I was helping in my own way… timberland chaussures ensuring recorded proof of two grown men chasing a goat in circles is VERY important business. chaussures puma At last, the newest member of the family found himself locked in the trailer with a bucket of grain and several slices of bread (his favorite treat). We signed papers, shook hands, and said our goodbyes. Hopefully, we’ll keep in touch since they happened to be the nicest folks on the planet. iphone 6 case dragonfly

Mary Colliers Rd. Athens, GA

I couldn’t help but look back and when I did… I felt that familiar ache for Virginia. puma pas cher Why does every curving country road make me homesick? Had a horse been cantering along those fences, I might have cried. Thank goodness the threat of crazed football fans flooding the interstate offered enough incentive to hightail it outta there or there might have been a problem.

As I write this, our new goat is happily chasing around his new girls in our pasture and I’m cruising baby name websites while picturing a field of kids this spring. *sigh* Can. iphone 8 plus full cover case Not.

  • kerry - isn’t he a handsome thing. i hope he settles in nicely and enjoys his new home. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Kerry — Isn’t he a looker? He’s completely convinced of this and our girls are hooked. Our farm is now a late-night Discovery Channel show… PG-13. Yikes! I did not know that male goats WAG their tongues at the females. It’s hilarious. And scandalous. And I’m probably scarred for life.

    Thank you for your comment!


  • Holly the Knitter - El Rod is a looker! Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I hope they keep it quiet tonight so you and Josh can sleep!ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Why thank you, Holly!! Personally, I hope they party like it’s 1999 and make me some babies. There. I said it. How wrong is that??!?!? Hahahaha. If need be, I’ll play Barry White, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green mix tapes in the goat shed.ReplyCancel

  • Teesa - He is sooo handsome. Nice pick!ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - I can’t wait for the baby pics. What fun you will have. I wish you girls!ReplyCancel

  • Dianne - He’s a big boy! I expected to see a baby when I clicked on the site and surprise! Here’s hoping there will be lots of little kids in a few months!ReplyCancel

  • Becky - You’re homesick for Virginia because there are no hills or ridges in that country road photo. I would be, too. You have been marked forever by having lived so long in the shadows of the ridges — you will always miss them.

    Some day, my friend… : )

    We’re thinking of you here.ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - I love your Saanen (Swiss!) buck! There are such lovely animals…

    That last pictures is so beautiful and has such a melancholic quality to it… Nice curving road!

    Cheers and have a great week,


  • Laura - You are brave to drive near Athens on Homecoming, lol.

    Awesome looking goat. What’s his name? Will’s been asking about your goats and chickens. After clinicals are over we’ll try to visit.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca of Sunny Morning Farm - He’s cute! We just bought a new buck a couple weeks ago and we have babies on the way already!!! I am so excited! It never gets old!!

    Good luck! I hope you guys do get to sleep tonight. We moved 4 babies today away from their moms who had been on the other side of the fence. I was afraid they would go crazy but not a ppep as of yet!!

    I love the farm where he came from too!!


  • Kath - How many kids are you anticipating he will produce come spring? Will you be able to hold them all on your lap?

    Will be fun blog fodder for sure!ReplyCancel

  • warren - Heehaw…looks like all sorts of fun…and with youngin’s in the spring, you better get all of your other work done cause I know you’ll spend all your time taking pics…ReplyCancel

  • debra - My goats were Billy, Nanny, Baby, Romeo and Juliet. Yeah, I know:not very original.ReplyCancel

  • ToilingAnt - Cool! Did you get him from Pony Trail Farm?ReplyCancel

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