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Hit Me With Your Best Shot — Fire Away

Apple eating 3

Something tells me that even Pat Benatar (that goddess of rock), has suffered the dreaded “mid-chew” photo. The “mid-chew” photo is also closely associated with the “mid-sneeze,” “about to cough,” or “squinting into the sunlight” shot. If you can’t relate to seeing the two-dimensional version of yourself looking as though you are barreling down the tallest hill of a roller coaster even though you are clearly (in the photo anyway) seated on your aunt’s couch… then chances are that you are the person behind the camera who takes those horrible photos. ugg outlet france

Apple eating 4

It began innocently enough: the sunlight was ripe for a good photography session and luck favors the prepared so I wandered into our back lot with my camera at the ready. chaussure timberland homme dream catcher phone case iphone 7 plus The goats followed me around as I clambered over fallen trees and low-crawled through mud in my determination to capture that perfect shot. Occasionally, I’d snap random photos of them peering through the leaves at me as they munched contentedly.

Apple, eating 2

Later that evening, as I uploaded the photos onto my computer — it became instantly apparent that I’d crossed the line into enemy territory. I’d become THAT person: the camera-holding smiling person whose blinding flash promises to immortalize the most unflattering moments of our lives. ugg outlet france doudoune moncler homme iphone 6 plus case with ring And you thought humans were the only ones to suffer such indignities… Timberland Soldes iphone 7 plus case adidas ha. Not on my watch.

Apple, eating

And who did I throw under the candid-shot bus? Apple. ugg australia pas cher Poor gal. doudoune moncler homme hard iphone 7 phone cases I owe her big time. bottes timberland ted baker iphone 8 plus case mirror I’ll let her take my picture on Christmas morning or coming out of a public restroom stall or worse yet: with a flash under fluorescent lighting. *shivers in horror*

I think she’ll probably forgive me just this once though. newbalance pas cher Goats are very forgiving creatures and they have that rare ability to be able to laugh at themselves. basket timberland iphone 8 plus case channel Case in point:

Babka in her feed bucket

And that photo was not staged. Babka has decided that food just tastes better if you are standing in it.

Okay… soldes puma chaussure timberland femme so fess up.

Raise your hand if you’ve been singing “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” under your breath this entire time.

I know I have.

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  • Ashley - Funny! They are certainly sweet goats! Be sure to have Josh taking a picture while Apple is taking your picture Christmas morning… I’m dying to see her holding the camera- LOLReplyCancel

  • TheCottonWife - I have a strict rule: Do not ever post anything that I wouldn’t want posted of myself. Exceptions include my husband hamming it up for the lens!ReplyCancel

  • Robin Broun - Hey Ms. Lacy! Love it! :mrgreen: I just recently heard that song on our local radio stations. Your goats are beautiful! 🙂 Have a wonderful Wednesday! Hugs, RobinReplyCancel

  • Rosa - Two pretty goats! I love their sweet faces and laughing eyes.



  • Maureen - My hand is raised 🙂

    ps. I SO want goats!!!ReplyCancel

  • kerry - they are so sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Kristine - lol….and yes, guilty of singing. Great post and put a smile on my face this morning. Now for some breakfast…without the feet. ;DReplyCancel

  • Michelle - Awww. They are so cute!ReplyCancel

  • Heather - There is one picture of me in existence where I look EXACTLY like Beaker on the muppets. Horrifying. Hideous. How did my chin disappear? And my eyes go all buggy? And my lips disappear? And the line of my mouth become so downturned? A freak. It was my mother in law behind the camera and I swear to this day she was stalking me for that shot. I tore up the pictures quickly and quietly with the efficiency of a high powered shredder and searched in vain for the negatives. Blast those negatives! She’s saving that negative for something insidious, I’m sure…

    What adorable pictures of your goats! How’s the milking going?ReplyCancel

  • Sophie - What cute pictures of your lovely goats!! hahahahahaha,…ReplyCancel

  • Kath - Apple is quite the model in the fourth picture!! Adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Love the post. You and I are both victims of horrible photography, so I feel Apple’s embarrassment.ReplyCancel

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