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Que the Mission Impossible soundtrack. moncler homme soldes doudoune moncler pas cher All we need now is a super-secret tree fort for them to plan their missions and practice disabling acorn-sized bombs. soldes puma chaussures iphone 7 yellow case Craving your daily dose of cute? These agents of cuteness deliver. DSC_0017 Having earned the title as “World’s Messiest Eaters,” the boys have a reputation to keep up and each meal gives them an opportunity to top their previous record. chaussures puma moncler soldes iphone 6 tough phone case DSC_0001

Take a moment to fully appreciate the curled tail and tiny hands gripping the apple. Canada Goose Femme Just a week ago, Tom (pictured above) was too weak to lift his head for the oral syringe of milk to be administered. nike air max 90 pas cher toro iphone 8 case Now he can sit on his back legs and use his arms to feed himself.


Huckleberry squirrel (pictured above) is more advanced than his brother. nike running homme chaussures puma pas cher iphone 7 case matte His balance is better than Tom’s and he’s faster on his feet. timberland pas cher ugg pas cher iphone 8 plus case comic He can grip his food in one little hand and carry it anywhere.


Did you enjoy your daily dose of cute? Don’t say I never gave you nuttin.’

Yes, I went there.

I realize that was beyond corny and someone reading this just felt their tummy do a teeny tiny somersault but I just couldn’t help myself.

Hope your day like totally rocks.

P.S. canada goose paris timberland sitemap iphones 8 case We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled chicken-ogling soon.

  • Aunty Katydid - My little Huckleberry is so incredibly smart. Of course, we knew that when he decided right off that he loves me.

    Wish I could come by and give my wee Huck his baff today but Abby started her morning with explosive vomit and I think I’m stuck here for the day.ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - OMG, I am awefully jealous of you! I’d love to have such adorable critters in my home! My heart is melting!



  • Andrew Odom - Awesome pics. I have never been a squirrel guy but you might be converting me!ReplyCancel

  • Vickie - Howdy!

    Love your little squirrels! I had a squirrel when I was young. My daddy found it in the woods one day when hunting. It was missing 1/2 of its tail. It was still a baby and we had to bottle feed. We called him Shorty and he was so sweet. My dad built a big cage for him, and he never strayed even when we left the door open. We played with him and let him ride on our shoulders. As he matured, he eventually wandered off to find his own life. It was a fun experience! Hope yours do great, too!ReplyCancel

  • Sophie - Oooh,…they have grown so much! They are really cute!!

    Lovely pictues as well, Lacy!!ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - Thank you for starting my day off with just the right amount of cuteness. I feel ready to face the day.ReplyCancel

  • Leah - Oh my gosh Lacy they are ADORABLE! My friend Julie used to have a pet squirrel; though that was at a time we’d lost track of each other so I never got to know him. I love watching the little guys and gals running around outside. They are all very camera shy though. I have yet to get a decent squirrel picture.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - This is the most adorable post I’ve ever read. They’re so cute and growing like weeds!ReplyCancel

  • shelli - Awwww now that’s cute! It makes me almost like the little buggers. It would help if they didn’t feast on my tulips.ReplyCancel

  • Kate Williamson - Your babies are absolutely adorable and look to be about 7 or 8 weeks old, I too raised a few squirrels from infancy to adolescence, two of them still visit from time to time. I have found their affectionate and playful natures truly endearing. love visiting your site and using your delicious recipes!ReplyCancel

  • Aishah Schwartz - I raised a squirrel from infancy once; it had fallen from a tree in the back yard during a bad storm. Squirrels instinctively like to sleep in high places. My squirrel, Tigger, had a “nest” I made her. This is what I did. I took a old, large cotton bath towel, laid it out flat across my tabletop, then I placed a plastic hanging plant container in the middle of it and gathered the fabric upward and fastened it with a tie that I looped through the planter’s hanging hook, so the towel would not slide down. Then I made an opening in the front of the gathered material like a squirrel might find a hole in a tree. Inside the planter I placed some other scrap fabrics, torn into strips for nesting. Once done, I hung the planter to the right side of the bay window in my living room. Tigger would scale the length of the window curtain to the top of the curtain rod and then down the short length of the wire holding up the hanging pot and she would go inside to sleep. She absolutely loved it!

    The front teeth of squirrel also grow perpetually. I used to toss a handful of various shelled nuts on top of the soil of my household plants. Tigger would find them, and of course, I would find them everywhere…behind sofa cushions, behind the pillows in my bedroom, inside the pockets of my bathrobe, in the window sills, etc., lol — but they need these to help keep their teeth filed down or the teeth will literally grow out of their heads. I had to take her just one time to the vet for teeth filing. They put her in an enclosed container to give her a little sleeping gas (not the technical term), but the idea was to make it so the vet could handle her.

    On a side note: do not ever let anyone convince you that your squirrels need rabies shots; it will kill them.

    I had a light green terry cloth bathrobe that I used to call my “Tree Robe”. Tigger used to climb up through the sleeves and pop out of the front to sit on my shoulder to look out the bathroom window on work mornings and she would hide a nut inside the collar of my robe at the back of my neck and then use her little paws to arrange my hair to ‘cover’ (hide) the nut. She’d run back down the sleeve of my robe, leap the short distance from there to the floor and then come back like five minutes later to get the nut. lol lol I was the nut-keeper.

    Hands down one of the very best time investments I ever made. She was one amazing squirrel.

    Oh, and mind you, in this period myself and my two daughters all lived together with a dog, two cats and the squirrel; and everyone got along splendidly! One of the cats and the squirrel used to sit in the bathroom window together to watch the birds feeding from a planter I had hanging in a nearby backyard tree. #PricelessReplyCancel

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