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PVC Chicken Tractor

Do you need a chicken tractor that’s light-weight, inexpensive, and easy to disassemble and reassemble? Have you always dreamed ofView full post »

Barn Building, The Roof Begins

In many ways, roofing was the most difficult task. Barn roofing is a critical aspect of barn construction as it provides protection forView full post »

Barn Building, Siding

Siding installation is tedious but rewarding work. nike air max 95 marvel iphone 6 case Here is a pictorial post showing our progressView full post »

Barn Building, The Stall Saver

Elrod, our trusty buck, could not wait for the stall to be finished. doudoune canada goose pas cher bottes timberland wwe phone caseView full post »

Barn Building, The Base & Loft

Back in July of 2010, I wrote about the barn that we were building for our horse and goats. Life was very busy in those days. We workedView full post »

Going Green: Lawn Care Alternatives

This year, we made a personal goal to reduce the amount of gas we use for lawn care. We decided to officially retire myView full post »

Introducing Jackie Chick-an

Jackie Chick-an (the emphasis is on the “an” portion), is our Buff Orpington rooster. ugg australia pas cher Bottes UGG PasView full post »

Twin Goats Born!

Meet Sydney and Boston, our brand new baby goats. soldes newbalance These were not impulse buys — they were born right here in ourView full post »

Giddy Goat

Our buck has a thing for undressing people. chaussures puma Okay, maybe undressing us is not the goal… asics soldesView full post »

Ducklings and a Blended Family

Ducklings and chicks are a few of my favorite things. iphone 6 phone case mickey mouse That’s a good thing because we end up withView full post »

Kill Them With Kindness: How to Make and Use a Killing Cone

Most people choose not to think about how the chicken, turkey, goose, or other winged creature spent its last moments on this earthView full post »

An Ever-Shrinking World

Those lazy days of summer simply don’t exist for us. Our world becomes increasingly smaller as summer progresses. The days beginView full post »

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