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PVC Chicken Tractor

Do you need a chicken tractor that’s light-weight, inexpensive, and easy to disassemble and reassemble? Have you always dreamed ofView full post »

Introducing Jackie Chick-an

Jackie Chick-an (the emphasis is on the “an” portion), is our Buff Orpington rooster. ugg australia pas cher Bottes UGG PasView full post »

Ducklings and a Blended Family

Ducklings and chicks are a few of my favorite things. iphone 6 phone case mickey mouse That’s a good thing because we end up withView full post »

Kill Them With Kindness: How to Make and Use a Killing Cone

Most people choose not to think about how the chicken, turkey, goose, or other winged creature spent its last moments on this earthView full post »

The Chicken Coop Addition

Oh, how I love our little coop with its cheerful red sides and the contented clucking of chickens as they dart in for some water or toView full post »

Snowy Georgian Critters

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program (of my annual Virginia Trip) to bring you: A doe in the SNOW! While the rest of the East CoastView full post »


Never one to deny mother nature a chance to prove herself, I let one of our broody Buff Orpington hens sit on two eggs. asics pas cher enView full post »

A Virginia Chicken Coop

“Necessity is the mother of invention, it is true, but its father is creativity, and knowledge is the midwife.” I’mView full post »

Good Morning, Beautiful

♫ Is this love that I’m feeling? ♫ Oh yes, David Coverdale (the Whitesnake lead singer for those of you who aren’t cool), thisView full post »

Proof of Life

Yes, folks, tucked under Angelina’s itty-bitty bantam wing is the tiniest ball of fluff (read: chick) that I have ever encountered.View full post »

Peep Show

Seriously, like any of you could resist that title? The chicks arrived and we are on cute overload. new balance sitemap ugg pas cherView full post »

The Roommates

What could be more grotesque than the bathrooms at a biker bar and more frightening than watching “Plastic SurgeryView full post »

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