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Gone All Broody & A Giveaway

Must be the honeysuckle perfumed spring air or the laughing breezes with their swirls of laurel blossoms… whatever the reason, ourView full post »

Talk Turkey and Basic Chick Care

A few posts back (Yes, that’s how I keep track of time… ugg australia pas cher iphone 8 case dance in the rain it’sView full post »

Behind the Egg Labels: What Do They Mean? A Mystery Giveaway, too!

And there are just so MANY labels! Are labels like “Cage-Free” and “Vegetarian” simply new ways to charge us moreView full post »

Barred From the Garden and Culling a Guinea Fowl

If you hadn’t guessed, I really love my chickens.  Honestly, I haven’t found a single feature of chicken ownership to not beView full post »

Ameraucana — Not a Kind of Salsa Dance

From the tips of her blue legs to the scuff of her beard, this doll has it all.  Have I mentioned that I adore my hippy chickens and theirView full post »

It Ain’t Easy Being Dinner

I’d love to credit the cartoon above because it is unbelievably awesome.  It also really sparks some great discussion, don’tView full post »

I know why the caged bird sings… The Truth About Eggs

It’s Not Just California As we strive to teach our foster children simple living skills and boost their level of awareness, we findView full post »

The Scoop Out of the Coop

As you may know, I love chickens.  From the joy on the faces of my kids when they collect eggs, the comedic antics of our flock,View full post »

A Lack of Training Wheels

My favorite moment… bike riding lessons with guinea coops in the background.  You bet your sweet bippy that’s country livingView full post »

The Sweetest Things

Collecting eggs with your children?  No one warned me how seriously addictive it is to watch your children gather eggs and giggle over theView full post »

Sweet Valley High Chicks

Remember our little nudists?  The Buff Orpington twins have blossomed into Teen Magazine reading young ladies who have permanent seats atView full post »

Coopin’ on Up

With the addition of the chicks (remember them?), our chicken family needed more space.  The rule is four birds per nesting box and weView full post »

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