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PVC Chicken Tractor

Do you need a chicken tractor that’s light-weight, inexpensive, and easy to disassemble and reassemble? Have you always dreamed ofView full post »

Kill Them With Kindness: How to Make and Use a Killing Cone

Most people choose not to think about how the chicken, turkey, goose, or other winged creature spent its last moments on this earthView full post »

Good Morning, Beautiful

♫ Is this love that I’m feeling? ♫ Oh yes, David Coverdale (the Whitesnake lead singer for those of you who aren’t cool), thisView full post »

Talk Turkey and Basic Chick Care

A few posts back (Yes, that’s how I keep track of time… ugg australia pas cher iphone 8 case dance in the rain it’sView full post »

Every Waking Moment

In life, there are a few odd little quirks which all of us share. It begins when we are infants and continues well into old age until weView full post »

Decorating Tips for the Country Home & Garden

When creating trendy outdoor living spaces… don’t forget to give the chair rungs some flare. Break up the monotony of greenView full post »

Duck Tales and Turkey Talk

Josh built the turkey/duck “tractor” because they were getting too big to put in with the peeps. I took pictures when IView full post »

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