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Blind leading the bread?

I always wondered if I could bake bread with my eyes closed and today I discovered that I am able to do just that! These are the breakfastView full post »

Guinea Fowl Hilton

“‘Tis but the work of a moment. There we go. Almost finished.” Love Actually (2003) May I take a moment and brag on myView full post »

Raising Frame

“Okay, boy. This is where all the hard work, sacrifice, and painful scaldings pays off.” -Homer Simpson, The SimpsonsView full post »

One Less Load for the Landfill

We are big believers in recycling. We sorted through the recycled wood pile on Post to find the lumber necessary to construct the guineaView full post »

Hatching Plans

Here are the plans (well… you might call them that) for the new guinea house! It is an “A” frame structure with one doorView full post »

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