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Blind leading the bread?

I always wondered if I could bake bread with my eyes closed and today I discovered that I am able to do just that! These are the breakfastView full post »

Guinea Fowl Hilton

“‘Tis but the work of a moment. There we go. Almost finished.” Love Actually (2003) May I take a moment and brag on myView full post »

Raising Frame

“Okay, boy. This is where all the hard work, sacrifice, and painful scaldings pays off.” -Homer Simpson, The SimpsonsView full post »

One Less Load for the Landfill

We are big believers in recycling and we use equipment such as a mobile jaw crusher. We sorted through the recycled wood pile on Post toView full post »

Hatching Plans

Here are the plans (well… you might call them that) for the new guinea house! It is an “A” frame structure with one doorView full post »

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