Eat, Drink, and be Merry: an Epicurean Delight

March 3, 2008|Comments (7)

Guinea Fowl Basted & Seasoned prior to roasting

Today we culled one of our loud female guinea fowl to have for dinner. Culling is an important part of herd management and while some think it is unkind — we think it is necessary to the health of the herd or flock. Our flock rejected this particular female guinea fowl. You can well imagine the stress on a bird whose instincts tell it to flock for safety yet it is forced to stay separate. She spent the entire day and well into the night calling to the other five guineas who ignored her until she got too close at which point they drove her away with deafening shrieks.

Guinea fowl, as with any game bird, is a delicacy and there is only 5% fat in its very digestible meat. Epicures and foodies alike thrill to the delicate buttery-sweet flavors of the moist and tender guinea meat. It was even served on the Concord!

I prepared our guinea with safflower oil, lime juice, cranberry-orange vinegar, red pepper flakes, minced garlic, fresh sage, rosemary leaves, and tarragon. We’ll roast the guinea for about 40 minutes at about 375°F [190°C] and add dressing/stuffing of homemade sourdough bread, dried cranberries, golden raisins, wild mushrooms, pecans, and sun dried tomatoes. We’ll also serve our game bird with Gewürztraminer and grilled red potatoes, onion, and zucchini.


I sewed a patch onto Josh’s hat with his new rank the other day and meant to post about it. The ceremony is on the fifth! Congratulations, Josh!

The Chicks Dig It

February 28, 2008|Comments (5)

Here it goes… I miss blogging.  I took a break while our friend, Carl, transfers everything over from the old site.  That and I had some fears about using the new site.  While I still haven’t mastered the video postings (something that Carl will teach me soon), I have figured out photos!  I just had to share a few pictures of the chickens, guineas, and eggs.  First, check out how much the chicks have grown:

Baby Buttercup Buttercup at 3 1/2 wks

We also let the guinea fowl out of their house this week to free range in the front yard.  Here they are just moments after they first walked out:

Guinea Fowl: Free at Last

Finally, the payoff for all the feed, construction, research, and worry:

Almost a Dozen Eggs!

Notice the difference in size between the eggs from Patty Lane and Cathy Lane:

Patty and Cathy Lane’s eggs

Ad praesens ova cras pullis sunt meliora

(Eggs today are better than chickens tomorrow or a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush)

Guests en route… distracted

January 15, 2008|Comments (none)


Here are the male guinea fowl on their perch. The guineas really love their new space and we’ve noticed that our female has gone broody. Seeing our happy guinea fowl has us longing for chickens again. We have the coop and thought that we would wait until spring. Why wait? So, this weekend we’ll pack up all of our guests (or whoever wants to go) and visit the auction house/flea market in Alabama to see what we can find. We also thought about picking up some female guinea fowl to add to our family!

My apologies to the knitting circle. I got home from grocery shopping, fixed dinner, and then ran out of time. I missed you though!

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