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Riding the Fi-Shock Wave & Goat Milk Soap Giveaway

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Fi-Shock. All opinions are 100% mine. When outfitting a cowboy, we think of Wrangler.View full post »

Teflon Pan Winner!

Drum roll please! Prepare to be amazed and overjoyed for the winner. It may also be wise to prepare for a smidgen of jealousy becauseView full post »

Teflon Pan Giveaway and Semi-Poached Eggs

In honor of National Egg Month, I am offering the ultimate egg-making pan giveaway, (Sorry!  Time’s up.) folks!  This also meansView full post »

The Winner!

We have a winner!!! I know you are burning with curiosity or perhaps just regret that you didn’t enter a photo (which is okayView full post »

Garden Photo Contestants — Vote!

Oh, how I love garden pictures!  The above photo was taken in one of the botanical gardens we visited in Hawaii and while it isn’tView full post »

Garden Photo Contest & Prize: Safer® End ALL Insect Killer

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SaferBrand. All opinions are 100% mine. Gardening is happiness. Don’t you think?View full post »

We Have a Winner!!

Thank goodness for Random.org!  Now I can announce the winner of the Victory Garden Giveaway… View full post »View full post »

A Victory Garden Seed Giveaway!

As a contributor to Small Town Living, I received a wonderfully thoughtful present in the mail. I thought it was such a terrific giftView full post »

Eco-Kitchen Giveaway — Winner!

We have a winner! Now all the winner needs is a whole bunch of yarn, time, and patience!  And yes, that really is a knitted clock.View full post »

Open Star Dishcloth Pattern

Josh and I love knitted dishcloths. We love them more than strawberry shortcake, Le Creuset, and reciprocating saws. Here’s an easyView full post »

Handmade Bracelet Giveaway!

Be it a gift for yourself or your sweetheart or your momma or your best friend in the whole wide world, this bracelet has your name allView full post »

The Cotton Wife’s Apron Giveaway

Not simply because she is my friend and also particularly wonderful, I am sharing the news that The Cotton Wife is hosting a giveaway!View full post »

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