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Cleaning and Packaging Salmon

Dipnetting sockeye is such a blast but then the real work begins: cleaning and packaging the salmon. This is a step by step guide on howView full post »

Smoked Salmon & Hummus Crostini

Are you searching for the perfect crowd-pleasing appetizer which is easy to make, lovely, and delicious? Look no further, my friends,View full post »

How to Clean a Fish

While the lead photo is a bit misleading, the rest of this post is quite informative. This method is tried, true, and incredibly easy.View full post »

At last… Authentic,Hawaiian, and Inexpensive

Finding authentic Hawaiian restaurants in Hawaii is frustrating work. All the usual methods of finding good eats simply don’t workView full post »

Celebrate Cilantro

Cilantro is loved by all — guarded by some (see above) — and we’re going to celebrate my first cutting of it with aView full post »

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