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Heavenly Roasted Guinea Fowl

I don’t claim to be the world’s greatest cook but I am just terribly proud of this meal. ugg sitemap ugg soldes The beansView full post »

Skillet-Style Stuffed Bell Peppers

I could write a symphony for these sweet babies.  Would you look at that cheese?  How about those gorgeous (and STILL crunchy) bellView full post »

Turkey Pot Pie

What are we supposed to do with all the leftover turkey?  Most of us will make the classic Dagwood-style post-Thanksgiving sandwich atView full post »


The above picture is the cavatappi I usually make.  Boring!  There’s no zip, no zazz, and certainly no zap.  Basically it is justView full post »

Homemade Pizza with Focaccia Crust

According to sources on the internet (Packaged Facts “The Pizza Market”), Americans spent more than $22 billion on pizza lastView full post »

Grilled Portabello and Chicken Salad with Cheddar Jalapeño Spoonbread

Every once and a while a dish is created simply because I’ve thrown a meal together out of the current contents of my fridge. Who amView full post »

A Chicken in Every Pot… Hot Chicken Salad w/ Bacon

The ever-so-amazing man of the house loves — that should be LOVES— casseroles and bacon.  The combination of casserole andView full post »

Pease Porridge Hot

Is there anything so comforting as a kettle full of pea soup? With its mild blend of flavors, pea soup tops my list of all-time favorites.View full post »

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