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Cleaning and Packaging Salmon

Dipnetting sockeye is such a blast but then the real work begins: cleaning and packaging the salmon. This is a step by step guide on howView full post »

Swedish Meatballs with Venison

Hand-rolled flavorful meatballs with a light and creamy gravy makes a magical meal.View full post »

Country Fried (Venison) Steak

It’s a Southern classic because it’s completely, mindblowingly delicious and also easy to make. Not to mention that it isView full post »

Venison Enrollado Casserole (Fried Enchilada Casserole)

With delicious sautéed mushrooms and onions with browned ground venison wrapped in a homemade fried tortilla, this dish took my breathView full post »

Heavenly Roasted Guinea Fowl

I don’t claim to be the world’s greatest cook but I am just terribly proud of this meal. ugg sitemap ugg soldes The beansView full post »

Stroganoff and Spaetzle

Stroganoff and spaetzle, go together like a horse & carriage. This I tell you, brother, you can’t have one without the other.View full post »

Pressure & Slow Cooker Beef or Venison Stew

Lightening-fast pressure cooker or slow cooker beef stew: choose your own adventure with these tried and true recipes.View full post »

German Roast

Since we will be home for Christmas… why not have some of our favorite foods? ‘Tis the season — right? So, I haveView full post »

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