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Three Recipes for Tea Tree Oil Cleaners

That’s right: three cleaners! I bring you two disinfectants and a super-green all-purpose cleaner.  The disinfectants are my newView full post »

DIY Tea Tree Oil Deodorant

Have you searched fruitlessly for a good deodorant recipe? Well, I found one! This is great deodorant (not antiperspirant) without harshView full post »

Tea Tree Oil & Sugar Body Scrub

Oh my, this is the good stuff! Fragrant and soothing, exfoliating and skin-softening: I love this scrub! Guess what? This is theView full post »

Rainbow Streamers

Looking for a great St. Patrick’s Day craft? Perhaps you teach Sunday School and you need an activity to go along with aView full post »

Making a Copper Still

One of the benefits of living in Alaska is that distilling your own liquor is perfectly legal as long as you don’t have plans toView full post »

Love on an Arkansas Farm, My Handmade Goat Milk Soap Story

Wanting to make something natural and yummy for your skin for me goes back a long ways, to when I was a little girl living with myView full post »

Countertop Renovations

Confession: I suffered chronic counter-envy for the last decade.  My counter-envy intensified every single time I saw granite or marbleView full post »

Don’t Leave Home Without a Plan

A lot has happened since I last updated this website.  The most exciting and dramatic change is one in the form of a baby boy.View full post »

Open Star Dishcloth Pattern

Josh and I love knitted dishcloths. We love them more than strawberry shortcake, Le Creuset, and reciprocating saws. Here’s an easyView full post »

Knitted Gifts of Friendship

Receiving a handmade gift is better than eating frozen Thin Mints. Way, way, way better. And that’s really saying something becauseView full post »

Quilt Shop and Winter Wonderland

The countryside whispered sweet nothings to us from under a liberal dusting of snow and big skies worthy of being featured behind The DukeView full post »

An Old Fashioned Sewing Party

After suffering many years on the back-burner of hobbies, sewing is finally more than an irregular blip on the radar.  This is in partView full post »

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