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Outdoor Freeschooling

Overlooking land which few (if any) have ever set foot upon is a soaring feeling and one that I love sharing with my child. bottes uggView full post »

Winter Odyssey

Who better to take on a road trip than a fellow Appalachianite, knitter, and now-blogger, Aunty Katydid? Her cd collection alone wouldView full post »

Visit with The Cotton Wife

Yes, it’s really her! Yes, she’s really real and you are totally allowed to ache with envy because I didn’t just meetView full post »

Truly Madly Deeply

Someone far more intelligent than I wrote, “Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairyView full post »

A New Kind of Kid

Meet Cramer. Cramer is our new kid and finally one who will stay. We have no plans to sell him but instead to have him “fixed”View full post »

A Confession

Adoption must get easier than this.  If adoption was like this for everyone — people wouldn’t do it any more.  In fact, theyView full post »

Southern Snow

Imagine our wonder and surprise when we awoke to a snow-covered yard in west-central Georgia.  Our children, who had never seen snow,View full post »

Homeschool and Homework Helpers

For those of you whose ankle-biters have reached the age of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, telling time, vocabularyView full post »

Of Fast Food and Dog Poo: A Love Story

How many times have we been asked how we met and fell in love?  Goodness… at least a million.  I mean, it’s the best questionView full post »

My Youngest

At last, baby pictures!  Would you look at those lashes?  They are so long that Rita Hayworth and Liz Taylor would turn flips in envy. View full post »

Farm Kids, Nature vs. Nurture

As I watched my youngest girl trot happily out to the chicken coop to muck the thing, I couldn’t help but shout with joy.  SheView full post »

Good Lord Be Praised! We Have Children!!

The picture shows three of our four children.  You have my permission to cry, faint, and call your preacher.  We got our four!  TheseView full post »

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