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The Hermitage at Spider Lily Falls

Don’t you just love bed and breakfasts?  The last year that we lived in Georgia, Josh and I both worked outside of the home so weView full post »

Hitched and Hiking

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The windsView full post »

Going Green: Lawn Care Alternatives

This year, we made a personal goal to reduce the amount of gas we use for lawn care.  We decided to officially retire myView full post »

Good Directions and Turnip Greens

People who are actively living a country song may paraphrase country songs at will. It is written. Well, it’s written here anyway.View full post »

Small Town Afternoon

By choice, we live in a county without a Wal-Mart, movie theater, Starbucks, or shopping mall. A typical Saturday afternoon for us mayView full post »

I See Dead People!

Photo & Post by Aunty Katydid This little cherub guards forever the soul of a boy in Linwood Cemetery.  I firstView full post »

An Introduction and Cast of Characters

I am the girl previously referred to as Aunty Katydid. Lacy has kindly invited me to be a guest blogger so I thought I would take thisView full post »

Welcome to My World

As verdant veg with swirls of string threaten takeover, I compensate by madly posting Tweets or Twittering my progress as theView full post »

You Fill Up My Senses

Like a walk in the rain.  When I am missing Josh, as I am now since he’s away for business, I take comfort in the beauty andView full post »


We’re back!  After taking a few weeks off from blogging to catch up on projects around the house and “backyardView full post »

Symbols of Wealth and Happiness

What is it about seasonal garden bounty that makes me feel that I am bursting with wealth?  One look at a wooden bowl overflowing withView full post »

Full Circle

In the midst of waxing sentimental over baking bread, the scent of line-dried sheets, picking blueberries, snapping beans, and countlessView full post »

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