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Full Circle

In the midst of waxing sentimental over baking bread, the scent of line-dried sheets, picking blueberries, snapping beans, and countlessView full post »

A New York State of Mind… Finding the Cure

For once, I don’t have to pull out my soapbox and preach about the benefits of gardening (even on a small-scale), country life,View full post »

The Year in Mosaics

While I took a blogging hiatus, a technological vacation, a digital holiday… my friends have been busily browsing the archives onView full post »

Can Hardly Wait

We ache for our future farm.  We long for it in the way that our stomachs growl when we pass church barbecues and the smoke from the grillView full post »

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

In a few days, I’ll be making my way to the bustling city north of of us, Atlanta, for a doctor’s appointment.  Trips to theView full post »

Pay-Off Days

February in Georgia is particularly miraculous thanks to an enormous number of pay-off days: days when you are paid in full for frozenView full post »

A Tour

Scatter-brained, unsystematic, poor time manager — take your pick — I qualify for all of them but this site somehow escapedView full post »

Taking a Lesson From the Past

It wasn’t so very long ago that I stood in Westville Village (yes… “ville” and “village” is a wee miteView full post »

When the Past Knocks…

This was my favorite house at Westville Village (where we spent Saturday afternoon).  I could move in tomorrow if they promised toView full post »

Falls Away

In the front yard of the house I best remember from childhood stood two large maple trees which enjoyed a breathtaking view of theView full post »

Harvest Gold

True happiness is an elusive thing indeed.  We are a society driven to discover the right path to contentment.  We spare no expense in anView full post »

Spring in Your Step

We were fortunate enough to spend the heat of the day at a local spring — a spot where one of the underground streams in this areaView full post »

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