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Riding the Fi-Shock Wave & Goat Milk Soap Giveaway

goatThis is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Fi-Shock. man utd phone case iphone 7 All opinions are 100% mine.

When outfitting a cowboy, we think of Wrangler. When someone says gelatin dessert, we look at them cross-eyed and say, “You mean Jello, right?” When a certain name brand “owns” a product, it usually means that no one has done it better for several generations. bottes timberland pas cher So what brand name is all over electric fencing? Fi-Shock, baby. moncler All the way.


We get quite a few emails asking what fence insulators we recommend or which electric fence chargers we use and the answer is always the same: Fi-Shock. nike tn timberland We are more than qualified to make that call and we have proof. The kind of labor-intensive proof that simply can’t be disputed. Case in point:


We often refer to our property (lovingly) as our “three acre mistake” because we would much rather learn the harsh lessons of farming on a smaller scale so that when we finally purchase our dream farm — we’ll know exactly which products to buy and which ones to avoid like rotten eggs (or the plague). puma chaussure 2018 iphone 7 case glittery One of our first big lessons came in the form of a discounted and discontinued electric fence charger which came without instructions. timberland pas cher Never having grounded anything before, we tried our best to find instructions on various farming blogs and the advice of a commercial hardware store worker (who probably didn’t know a fence charger from an M203 grenade launcher). moncler en ligne


The discounted discontinued fence charger worked occasionally… lumi case iphone 7 like when the Phillies won two games in a row or during a lunar eclipse. Bottes UGG En Ligne Finally, we admitted defeat and replaced the ding dang thing with a Fi-Shock. The Fi-Shock electric fence charger came with wonderfully detailed written instructions which also appeared on their website (www.fishock.com). We also purchased their tube insulators, ceramic insulators, high tensile wire, pin-lock insulators, crimping sleeves, wire cutters, spinning jenny, in-line strainers with compression clips, and their fence testers (to save us from having to test the fence the old fashioned way… vente privee ugg you know, by telling someone to touch it). Here’s a quick look at the spinning jenny:

Spinning Jenny

Now, ask us what we’ve had to replace. element case iphone 7 Wait for it… ugg homme wait for it… nothing. Not a single thing labelled Fi-Shock has failed. ugg pas cher We use four varieties of electric fencing systems at our house: a six-stranded high tensile wire fence, a wire mesh fence with three strands of high tensile, a chain-link fence with two strands of hot wire, and finally our temporary fencing with wire rope and fiberglass posts. Timberland Pas Cher iphone 7 case police All of those systems connect to our Fi-Shock electric fence charger and we’ve yet to have a goat escape or see our animals (goats, chickens, ducks, or dogs) attacked. Here’s a quick look at our high tensile fence:

High Tensile Tour

Visit my sponsor: Fi-Shock

To celebrate our successful fencing endeavors, we’re offering a bar of our homemade goat milk soap (each) to two lucky commenters. After all, if we didn’t have working fences… aesthetic iphone 8 plus case we probably wouldn’t have goats producing creamy milk to make luxurious soap from, eh? Winner to be announced Thursday May 20, 2010. Winner announced.

  • Crystal Rademacher - We have over 1200 acres and about 800 of that is fenced with hight tensile electric. We use Gallagher fencers that work very well and keep the fence HOT, which is very very important when you are trying to keep a bull away from a group of heifers that he thinks is ready but we know are not. As long as we have been using the Gallaghers, we have not had an animal out of place. We really like both the solar powered and electric ones!!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn H - I’ve always heard that good fences make for good neighbors.
    seems like it might have been said by Mark Twain or some other famous quotable person…

    not having a farm or even a fence, that’s about all I can say on the subject.

    As for the soap, I think my favorite scent would probably be either the cucumber & green tea or sweet tangerine.

    I love to see pics of your animals–especially the babies.ReplyCancel

  • kerry - i hope to someday be in the market for an electric fence, so i will keep this in mind. 🙂

    and sweet tangerine sounds really nice. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - Great job! Those are long (and high) fences! Interesting. i hate to touche those when they are under tension ;-P…



  • Thy Hand - Great post! Currently, we have no need for electric fencing, but one day we hope that will change. I will be keeping this post in mind as well! The cucumber/green tea and lily of the valley/clean linen both sound lovely. Thanks for yet another great giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • The Cotton Wife - No need for fencing over here – those cotton plants don’t like to wander. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Janet Owens - I love goats – I live in the city but would love to have one or more if the opportunity every arises.ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - You knew I’d stop by!

    My only experience with electric fencing involved my dog. The houses are on pier and beam in my neighborhood. My dog insisted upon chewing out the lattice and crawling underneath. We ran a hot wire around the perimeter of the house. It worked! He became terrified of all strings. When we were building our current house, we would bring the dog over whenever we checked out the construction. In the beginning when things were marked off with string, he wouldn’t cross any of the strings. It was funny. Poor big dog. I miss him. He was a great dog.ReplyCancel

  • Leah - We have no experience with fences of any sort. lol We did contemplate it somewhat recently when a neighbor insisted on walking through our property all the time when they had absolutely no reason to, and they were letting their grandkids run wild through our yard too. We found even for our small piece of land, we can’t afford fencing. So we instead got creative and made a “fence” of various tall and lovely plants most of which conveniently enough need trellises to grow properly. hehe. We solved the pesky neighbor problem under the guise of expanding our garden and flower beds!

    As to the soap fragrances, I think lily of the valley/clean linen sounds lovely. I really prefer “clean” scents. =)ReplyCancel

  • Summer - I dont have exprnce with electric fencing but if we ever need it , well u have a wonderful post here:-)

    I love ur blog coz i simply connect with farm life and all the adorable babies dat pop here, its amazingly wonderful:-))

    I love the idea of ur soap giveaway and love the idea of lily of the valley/clean linen.
    Thanxx a ton for this wonderful world!!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Moncur - I remember well the electric fences we had around our property as a child. I remember my brother telling me if I touched a quarter to it I wouldn’t get shocked because metal wont conduct electricity…and I remember him laughing hysterically and rolling on the ground when I tryed it and got a good zap. I also remember crashing my bike into the e fence around my Aunts garden because I was going too fast down a steep hill to turn…my options try the turn and risk the crash or go out onto the highway during peek logging season and if I did not get froggered crash into the barbed wire fence across the highway. I turned. I crashed. I was tangled. Where was my brother? Laughing at the top of the hill. ….I think I like tangerine or lilly/clean or jasmine…if I win…You pick.ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Put me in Lacy. This is our first year with an electric fence…no break throughs yet. We hope to put pigs into it eventually and someday our chickens.ReplyCancel

  • amy - jasmine or cucumber and green tea sound wonderful!

    our system has been ok, other than blowing a fuse once in an electric storm. nice hearing your recommendation! we’d like to consider solar in the future for more flexible mobility.ReplyCancel

  • Tia Julie - I have no experience with electric fence except having my favorite nephew tell me all about his and my favorite niece-in-law show me pictures of my nephew as he constructed it. Yes, you guessed it: Joshua and Lacy are the ones.

    As for goat milk soap, I love it. Lily of the valley/clean linen sounds awesome, but so does cucumber & green tea!ReplyCancel

  • debra pastuszynski - I used to have goats. Nubians and pygmys. They were so much fun!
    I think I would like the jasmine soap best.ReplyCancel

  • Michele - Our Border Collie was a bit of an escape artist so to keep him in the yard he thought it was his job to keep an eye on the boys when they visited neighborhood friends) we put up one of the tape electric fences. Best thing we ever did. It kept him in which kept the chickens safe because that was his job.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - I remember as a child the electric fences we had around or ostrich and emu pens. Without fail, every time I had friends over one of them would get the bright idea to ‘test’ the fence, says a lot for the type of friends I kept.

    As for the goats milk soap, I love the smell of vanilla bean.ReplyCancel

  • rachel - electric fencing… seeing we have no animals social services might think we put it in place for the kids and that wouldnt be good. but if and when we ever moved and got a goat id buy fi-shock! who even knew….
    I kinda want the soap…lol 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Robin B. - Hey Ms. Lacy! :mrgreen: I hope you are having a great day. My Grandparents had a massive farm in Arkansas. I still can ‘see’ them working on the fencing when I stayed with them many years ago.

    Hugs, RobinReplyCancel

  • Hayden - Lacy, how long has this failure-proof fence been in place?ReplyCancel

  • Loretta - We have used various fencing over the years, but at the moment are critterless (with the exception of turkeys and horses). Hopefully, we will be remedying that soon and will definitely look into Fi-shock. Thanks for the post.ReplyCancel

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