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We Have a Winner!


Abbie, you lucky gal. You are just the cutest thing to shed fur. Oh, you mean you didn’t already know? Well, we took a vote and you got the most. What does that tell ya?

Well, go on you-cute-thing-you and stop acting surprised. If you don’t pick up that jaw, you’re gonna catch flies. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

A special thanks to all of the voters and contestants — you totally rock like KISS. You rock our little country world.

Second place goes to Jake. Jake, dear, your mommy is getting a kerchief to embarrass you with. We both know where it’s going when she’s not looking but your so ding dang adorable we wanted to send you a little something, too.

And folks, since you are here, please visit some of these killer blogs (just click on the voter’s names). I know I am.

And… the next contest? Messiest Kid Photo Contest

Send me a picture of your spaghetti/mud/whatever covered offspring. Grab a human kid or that other kind and send me your very best mess. What will you get if you win?? I don’t know. I’m open to suggestions. What do you want? Homemade soap? Napkins? Salsa? Another magazine? A book on Simple Living?

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