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Fully Loaded Baked Potato Soup (Better Than Granny’s)

Okay, I have no earthly idea what your granny’s baked potato soup tasted like but I’m willing to bet that it can’t begin to compare with this recipe!  Cheesy, heartwarming, and filling — this soup really has it all.  It’s loaded.  Loaded like a M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher headed for battle.  Only this soup is pretty ding dang peaceful because after one bowl you are rendered completely useless.  It would be excellent to serve during “peace talks.”  What an oversight — serving chicken cordon bleu instead of this totally kicking and easy to make soup.

Now for the lineup (okay, I forgot to put some ingredients in the picture — you caught me):


  • 4 cups chicken or vegetable broth
  • 6 medium red potatoes, unpeeled and cubed
  • 1 white onion or 4 green onions (choose your own adventure)
  • 1/2 medium carrot, finely grated
  • 1 rib of celery, minced
  • 4 tsp. white vinegar
  • pinch salt (optional — I leave it out, usually)
  • 3 cups milk (I use goats milk) + 1/4 cup flour + 1 heaping tsp Dijon mustard
  • 1/2 cup (heaping) Monterrey Jack cheese, grated + 1/2 cup (heaping) cheddar cheese, grated
  • OR 1/2 cup (heaping) Colby cheese, grated + 1/2 cup (heaping) pepper jack cheese, grated
  • 6-12 strips of cooked beef bacon, chopped
  • black pepper, to taste


Place broth, potatoes, onion, carrot, celery, vinegar and salt into a thick bottomed kettle (I use the same kettle that I cooked the bacon in but I pour out the grease before adding the other stuff).  Cover and cook on medium-high heat for 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, grate that cheese and whisk the milk with flour and mustard.  Paint a portrait.  Learn a new language.  Write a Miss America acceptance speech.

Stir once and a while, okay?

Remove lid.  (Yes, I had to tell you.)  Pour in that milk, flour, mustard mixture and stir.  Stir!  Add cheese, black pepper, and bacon.  Cook, stirring occasionally, for another 6-8 minutes.  Serve.  Enjoy.  Make another batch.  Send some to me.  And this is what it looks like as you stir:

Can anyone say *heaven*?  This stuff is seriously addictive.  Seriously.  This is last meal material, if you ask me.

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  • Ann - They need to invite you to the UN to serve lunch to our crazy leaders. You’d clearly be the only sane one there. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Michele - Detente in a dish!ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Ann, Michele — You two crack me up. I love it! Why can’t you be my next door neighbors? We could stay up half the night baking complicated recipes and watching stupid eighties movies and chatting about… about… absolutely nothing and absolutely everything. You two make me feel sane.


  • Rosa - Well, that’s a gourmet soup! very comforting, tasty and delicious!



  • Dawn - Looks delish. Have your tried Sorrel as a seasoning. I put sorrel and dill in cheeseburger soup and it is like adding dill pickle. I wouldn’t put the vinegar in if you use sorrel though as it can give it that tang, which is why I thought of the sorrel because I haven’t used vinegar in potato soup, but I have make potato based sour leaf soup and have used the sorrel in other soups to give it that tang. I love beef bacon added to stuff.ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Yummy again! Very similar to mine…but I’ve never put vinegar in it..or Dijon mustard (no..not goat milk, has to be cow’s) Going to try it with these 2 items added…the ‘tang’ just might make mine not as good as it once was!
    Have a great weekend Lacy!
    ~Hugs & Pryaers~

  • Barb - Hey Lacy…Thank you!!! Do you remember a comment I made a while back?? I Told you I was adopting you! So…consider it done!
    ~Hugs & Prayers~
    “Momma Barb” (until i think of a better one.. )ReplyCancel

  • Robin - So THAT’s what I smelled coming in from the East today. 😆

    YUMMMM!!! I have never made potato soup and I want to. We are learning more and more new recipes these days. Sometime this autumn we’ll make up our own ‘tater soup.

    That natural cleaners, etc. web site is really cool! I went and checked out all of their products. Great stuff! 😀 Of course I like the shopping bag. 😆

    Did you know that they have Chinooks at ‘your’ post there? My son could get stationed there! Then I would have to come see you. 😀

    Have a nice Sunday, Robin 🙂ReplyCancel

  • gingela5 - Yum Yum Yum…I’d have to do it without the celery, onion, and carrots but I’m so on board with this!ReplyCancel

  • Fishing Guy - Lacy: That does look like a soup to die for. I would like a bowl for breakfast. I like bacon and potatoes with cheese for breakfast with some eggs.ReplyCancel

  • CrossView - Yum! And if it didn’t help with peace talks, just hand me a bowl so I totally won’t even care!ReplyCancel

  • Kath - We love potato soup!!! Its so good on a cold day which are on their way…..way tooo sooon for meee!

    I will try this soon.ReplyCancel

  • CC - YUMMY!ReplyCancel

  • Tia Julie - I definitely need some of this soup!ReplyCancel

  • Jana - YUM, YUM, YUM!!!! I cannot WAIT to try this… hmmm… I think I will be heading out for all the ingredients today.ReplyCancel

  • warren - Hey, I had your old site in my rss reader but I missed out when you moved to a new site! I just figured you hadn’t posted in awhile. I am glad I decided to check you out directly today…I found you again! Anyhow, great recipe. It looks delicious!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - Yum! We just had this for dinner tonight. My picky daughter even ate the potato skins! Thanks for the recipe!ReplyCancel

  • Kayceelou - I just did a sample test on this last night. I will be making this recipe (times 10) for a soup supper for a large group later this week. I tried to be conservative with the cheese and bacon – mainly to keep costs down- but it really does need lots of both to give it the “fully loaded” taste, and boy does it taste good when you do! One suggestion: Make it the day before to really meld the flavors but reserve some of the bacon and green onions to sprinkle on to each serving after reheating, and as long as you’re having it fully loaded, might as well throw a little sour cream on top of each hot bowl of soup. This was the best looking of all the loaded baked potato recipes I researched, (and it didn’t disappoint) but I just want to add that some ot the recipes said to be sure not to let it boil at any point – because of the milk and cheese in it. Thank you for this very tasty and decadent recipe!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa - This was FANTASTIC! I didn’t have any bacon so I used breakfast sausage and cut it up into chunks and used a sweet and hot mustard that worked perfectly together! Even my kids loved it…my middle son asked for it for dinner EVERY NIGHT! 😉


  • Emily - I am waiting to try this out…I wonder how it will taste but we will see! lets hope everybodly likes it!ReplyCancel

  • Tonya@immanuel - I make this for my church almost everytime we have soup for our dinners. I am actually making it tonght for the teens sitting at our Christmas tree lot. SO YUMMY!!! God Bless you All!ReplyCancel

  • Jen - I made this as a test batch for my family before making it for a big block party. The family loved it. The block party is tonight but I anticipate a good response.

    I made some modifications to this during the test batch and again for the big batch. First, I used a combo of cow’s milk and heavy cream over goats milk. I can’t drink goats milk…everytime I get near goat’s milk or goat cheese all I can smell is stinky nasty goat on the farm. Bad imprint. Using heavy cream was really a good idea. I actually added a whole cup of it on top of the 3 cups of milk. It worked because I also doubled the amount of cheese.

    After the test batch I dropped the vinegar. My family said it gave too much of a prominent taste.

    Good stuff, though. Yum.ReplyCancel

    Birgitta Meyer
    Oakdale, CAReplyCancel

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