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Holy Guacamole, Batman!


All those comic book fans out there will be glad to know that you are not alone in your addiction to superhero catchphrases and fresh guacamole with warm tortilla chips.  Your secret is safe with me.  Just make sure that we are on the same page here, I thought a post dedicated to making guacamole (a.k.a. kryptonite) was in order. 


  • 2 Avocados
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • shot glass of lime juice
  • 1 1/2 small tomatoes, diced (I like a lot of tomato in my guacamole)
  • bunch of fresh cilantro
  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1/4 of a large onion, diced or minced
  • 1 pickled jalapeno pepper (this makes for med-spice guacamole)


Slice the avocados while being careful not to damage the seeds.  You’ll need that seed later, my friend.  Trust me.  Once it is mashed, add the rest of the ingredients and stir.  Now pop one of those seeds in the guacamole to keep it from turning dark (This trick comes from Tio Raul, who grew up in Mexico and is totally awesome.  He also makes the BEST hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted.  I miss hot chocolate.  Why couldn’t I have picked something easier to give up for Lent?).


How do you like my fancy storage dish?   This is why I can never join the ranks of true foodie bloggers.  I just don’t have the necessary accessories.  My posts are peppered with off-brand plates, bowls, and flatware.  We are not trendy or fashionable around here but we know good food when we taste it.  I promise.

Now dig into that guacamole!  You’ll feel as though you have just sprouted super powers of your very own.

avocado tree

Now, about those avocado seeds:  wash them under cool tap water and blot them dry with a clean towel.  Push three or four toothpicks into each avocado and then suspend the avocado pit over a glass of water with the toothpicks resting on the rim of the glass (or mug).  The water level should stay about an inch from the bottom of the pit.  Let the pits sit in a sunny place and check their water level daily.

You will notice growth at about the six week point.  Let those darling little rising-avocado-spuds grow to 5 or 6 inches in height before transplanting them into planters with potting soil.  Keep them safe, warm, and in the sun.  One day, you’ll grow your very own avocados!!  (Want more information on growing an avocado tree in your house?  Check out Grow An Avocado Tree!)

Thank you for joining our family for the snow day!!!  And just because it is completely fun:

  • Aunt Laura - Love the Guacamole song! I’ll never misspell it again!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Hi Lacy,
    Ironically I just made guacamole for a first last week but I used the dry mix to add to the avacado and I was thinking about finding a homemade recipe. Great timing. I almost saved the pit but I was not sure how to sprout and if the tree would thrive in Maine. Great post! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - I so love guacamole. But I had to laugh when I saw your picture of the ingredients. I swear I thought those were slices of pickle. I had to read to see if you made some kind of weird Georgia guac.

    Ours never sticks around long enough to get brown. : )

    And I do have an avocado tree that I started from the seed of a really tasty avocado. It may be two feet tall now. Pitiful looking thing. I hope I live to see it produce something someday though.ReplyCancel

  • Leah - Shame I don’t like avocados. LOL

    I feel like I have not visited in ages – I apologize for that! 2009 has been crazy and unkind, there’s a lot going on in my normally simple life! I’ve also moved back to bravenet… I couldn’t help it, I needed the customizability (is that even a word?) of it; lack of control over the look at wordpress was getting to me.

    Anyway I hope you all are doing well – I bet the kiddos are keeping you & Josh extra busy! Oooh little ones in the garden soon…. such an exciting thought!ReplyCancel

  • Michele - Today avocados are 4 for a $1 here. Seriously, cheap eats! We eat guacamole every day!ReplyCancel

  • elra - Whoa… I have two avocados trees, sometimes I hate them because they drop their leaves so much…… love the fruit though…

    Your guacamole look so delicious…

  • Kim - I can’t remember how I even found your site, but put it on my google reader that same day!!!

    Beleive it or not this past week my son (6) picked a sandwich w/ Avacado for his meal for the week! We happily obliged!

    Love the recipe you posted and can’t wait to tell my son that we can “grow” the seed!

    Thanks …
    Kim (and family)ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Lacy, Lacy Lacy!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE guacamole!!!
    Not surprising, your recipe is pretty darm similar to mine! I can eat by the spoonfuls…forget the chips!
    I used to grow those avacado seeds…they are fun! Sweet Potatoes do better for me and creep all over the kitchen! The kids loved to grow them when younger as it seemed they could actually see them growing!
    Now…I need to go find some avacodos!!
    Momman BarbReplyCancel

  • Rosa - I love Guacamole! Nice sprouting avocado seed…



  • Jeni Hill Ertmer - As much as I love -well, I really used to -to experiment with new recipes, new foods, etc., would you believe I have never even tasted guacamole? Looks good, sounds good and interesting to me, but yet -just never have tried it. and I really don’t know why. Lately -well for quite a while now -I’ve done very little in the trying new foods/recipes arena mainly because the two little ones here are way too picky, won’t try new stuff and for that matter, if I do experiment, I have to cut recipes down in size too much then cause it’s generally just my daughter and I who will taste-test stuff -unless my son happens to be around. (He’s always been a great guinea pig!)
    I’m going to have to gear myself up to branching out in the new tastes deparment again though. Maybe once spring arrives it will give me a bit of incentive. Think that will work, will it happen? Hope so!

  • Kath - We love guacamole here!!! Thanks for the seed tip. Didnt know that one. How long will it keep it looking fresh?ReplyCancel

  • CrossView - I love guacamole! Then again, I love avocados!
    The video was so bad it was hilarious! And the ending was perfect – my 12-yr old noted he was looking through the wrong end of the binoculars! ROFL!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Sue - Guacamole is a very good thing – a soul food for the slightly quirkier soul. Best I ever ate was at a place on the River walk in San Antonio Texas – they make it at the table and it was incredible. Thanks for making me lust for fat, spice and salt – yes ma’am just thinking of it makes my cell -u-notsolite dance! LOL – Yummy recipeReplyCancel

  • Sophie - MMMMMMM…this looks so appetizing!! I loved the song!!ReplyCancel

  • hayden - I never managed to grow an avocado tree that way, but if I toss them in the compost they sprout and grow like crazy!

    The real test will be if I can manage to grow an avocado and a Meyers’ lemon in the house when I move back to Mi. this spring. Gotta’ try!ReplyCancel

  • Tipper - That looks so delicious!! I’ve never tried to make guacamole before-but love to eat it. And how neat are you-I can grow it too! Thanks for the tips!ReplyCancel

  • Holly - Ya know, I’m really not a fan of guacamole, but I gotta say, Lacy, you sure do make it look good. *drools* I hope you have an awesome weekend, dear lady – hugs to you, Josh, and the kids! (((((HUGGLES)))))) 🙂ReplyCancel

  • warren - That looks great! We are def making that this weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Paula - You’re making me hungry! We love fresh guac at this house too and actually have friends coming over tomorrow night for fish taco’s, chips and guacamole’. Yeah!!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - I love guacamole and I love avocados. I have a small avocado tree but it got bugs so I spent a fair amount of time last Sunday debugging. As for the guacamole, I am sure yours is better than mine as I use a very good and natural dry mix for it, largely due to time restraints. Another great recipe with wonderful photos.ReplyCancel

  • Ann - Oh baby oh baby oh baby! We LOVE guac in this casa – oh how we j’adore it. And I too put the seed in if I need the guac to “keep” for a bit.ReplyCancel

  • Giefing, John J - If Josh wouldn’t shoot me I’d say I love you…or at least your recipes and ideas…Tell your old man I’m sorry to hear about his tank. I still haven’t done mine..we’re working on where to put it but I’ve decided to go warm water for awhile. I’m all paranoid about the reef tanks now….ReplyCancel

  • Kristine - Homemade guacamole is one of our favorite snacks! Never waste money on the store bought dip stuff….it doesn’t even taste real. THIS is da bomb!

    Yay…fantastic seed tip! I’m making a batch today and will give it a whirl…and plant a seed too. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Kimbo - I have an avacodo thats about 4 yrs old.
    so you say they will produce …. I was told they would not so this is GREAT news, and also I have tried growing the Hass to no avail 🙁
    its still in my window sill with hi hope I will see it split open and start rootingReplyCancel

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