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Semi-Poached Eggs

This eggy recipe will steal your heart, melt in your mouth, and all the other cliches that I can’t think of right now.  Order up: my semi-poached eggs.


Just so we’re clear, I do know how to properly poach eggs.  I also know how to properly fry eggs.  However, I am a rebel to my very core and so I combine the two in order to make semi-poached eggs.  *insert cheering crowds here*

Since we are often drowning in eggs (thanks to our very own overachieving hens), I serve semi-poached eggs almost daily. Josh usually eats six eggs a day and prefers them to be semi-poached.  While I used to make semi-poached eggs in a cast iron skillet, I use my nifty Teflon pan now and I am never going back.  Even though my cast iron skillet is well-seasoned and virtually nonstick — eggs are like kryptonite on cast iron.  I used lots of oil to keep the eggs from sticking.  With my trusty new Teflon pan, I need no oil or melted butter.

I simply crack the eggs into the pan, cook them, and then they slide right out of the pan without any coaxing or pleading or oil.

So how does one semi-poach an egg?  Three steps.  Are you ready?  (Raise your hand if you are now singing Skynyrd’s “Gimme Three Steps”?)  *raises both hands*


Step 1:  Heat eggs in the skillet.  Allow to cook until the whites become firm.



Step 2:  Pour water around the edges of the egg.  Once it bubbles up, place a glass lid over the skillet.



Step 3:  Allow to cook until the eggs are done (this is a judgement call which I leave to you).  Remove lid and slide the eggs from the pan.  Voila!


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