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Basketweave Dishcloth Pattern

So easy a caveman could do it.


  • 100% Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn:
  • 120 yards
  • knitting needles (I used 2.25 mm – 40.5 cm, 1 US – 16 in circular)


Cast on 40 sts.

  • ROW 1-6: Knit all stitches
  • ROWS 7-12: K4, (P4, K4 four times) K4
  • ROWS 13-19: K4, (K4, P4 four times) K4
  • REPEAT until you almost have a square dishcloth
  • Now, KNIT six rows
  • Bind off all sts.

Your dishcloth should be square with a knitted border that goes all the way around and has a basketweave center.

  • Have a Handmade Holiday : Razor Family Farms - […] First up: Basketweave Dishcloth […]ReplyCancel

  • kerry - now i just need to learn how to knit… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • warren - Caveman here…I have been trying to learn to knit. I have knitted a few things on a loom and am trying to get better at regulat needle knitting. I think this might be right up my alley…It’s too cold outside to do anythign else anyhow! Thanks for the info!ReplyCancel

  • CrossView - Ok, I’m dumber than a caveman. Sadly, I’m ok with that! ;o)ReplyCancel

  • Momisodes - Oy. It’s knitted.
    Oh how I wish I knew how to knit.ReplyCancel

  • Lynnie - We have a family member who gives us new dishcloths that she knits every year for Christmas! The girls steal them daily for use as blankets for their stuffed animals and dolls, so it’s a good thing we’re about to get our next allotment in just, what is it now, about six weeks?ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - That’s my problem, I am not a caveman;-).ReplyCancel

  • Applie - I am going to give this a try. I like how it looks. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Anna - For rows 1-6 you mean knit all stitches, not K4, right?ReplyCancel

  • Sue Young - Didn’t need 5 pages of flowers and stuff when I did a print for your pattern. Waste of ink and paper.

    Wish you had put the size of your needles like 8, 6, or the like instead of all that gibberish about mm and cm. Who knows about that stuff.

    Thanks for the lovely pattern though. I will figure it out.ReplyCancel

  • Donna - Getting ready to finish 2nd Rnd of pattern but am confused.

    Why is the first pattern rows 7 – 12 = 6 rows and the second rows of pattern 13 – 19 = 7 rows?

    Shouldn’t they be the same? Please, ASAP, would like to get this done for a gift.

    Thank you, DonnaReplyCancel

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