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Drawstring Soap Sack, Plush Towels, and Washcloths

These darling bath bags are so easy to make!  You have options… you know how I love options!  When I make these, I like making a matching towel.  Then you have a gift set that is wonderfully soft, warm, and inexpensive.


  • Approx 3 yards of 100% cotton flannel or very soft light weight knit or woven terry cloth or fleece
  • Fleece, flannel, terry cloth binding


  • Cut 2, 1 yard (36 inches) pieces of fabric. If your fabric is a standard 45 inches you will now have an approximately 45 x 36 inch rectangle.
  • Lay your two pieces of fabric wrong sides together (so that the print/right side is facing out). Trim the pieces so that all edges are straight and they are the same size.
  • Using the fleece binding, bind the edges of the towel.

To make a matching wash cloth cut two 12×12 inch pieces of fabric from the other yard of fabric. Place the fabric wrong sides together and bind the edges with fleece binding!

To make the drawstring soap sack:

  • Cut out two 12 x 12 inch squares.
  • Zigzag the edges all the way around.
  • Place one square on top of the other so that the edges match up and with printed or “right sides” together.  Pin in place.
  • Sew three sides with a 5/8 seam.
  • Cut the ribbon or string you want to use with plenty of excess string for tying purposes and fold the unsewn top down over it (around two inches).  Pin in place.
  • Sew the flap down all the way around the piece and then turn it right-side-out.
  • Voila!  You have a nifty little soap holder for the bath with matching towels.

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