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Off To Paradise

In the morning, I’ll board a plane for paradise. ugg australia pas cher iphone 7 case pattern That’s right, a tropical paradise of lagoons, hibiscus, palm trees, coral reefs, volcanoes, and SPAM awaits me. puma 2018 shop iphone 7 cases marbel The most important feature of this paradise? My husband, Josh, will be there. asics sneakers 2018 bottes ugg pas cher iphone 7 case blue


I had to take a little bit of home with me. canada goose doudoune moncler homme iphone 7 phone case shock proof Airlines tend to frown upon hauling a chicken in your luggage so I opted for my homemade goats milk soap. canada goose pas cher I still geek out when I look at the bars and realize that I not only made them myself but used milk from my very own dairy goats. ugg femme adidas iphone 7 plus phone cases This either means that I have reached a new level of cool or I am simply easily amused. Possibly both.

Anyway, I may actually try posting while on vacation. New Balance Baskets Femme moncler en ligne iphone 8 case plus screen protector I’m armed with a camera and a laptop, Good Lord willing and the crick don’t rise. nike tn femme ugg australia pas cher hevey duty iphone 6 plus case This should make me unstoppable in my quest to make all of you want to trade lives with me.

  • Julie at Elisharose - Have a wonderful time!

    You are right. We do want to trade lives with you. : )ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - Wow, great! Have a wonderful time there, relax and enjoy yourselves!

    have a safe trip.


    Rosa xoxoReplyCancel

  • kerry - have fun!ReplyCancel

  • Bams - New level of cool, definitely.

    Have a fabulous time on your trip.ReplyCancel

  • Lucy - Lacy,

    I hope you both have a terrific time! We’ll be praying for you to have safe travel. I’ll be looking forward to those posts! Would love to hear about your recipe for the goat milk soap.

    Love and Blessings,

  • Kath - Have a great trip with your hubby!!! And in Hawaii! You are too cool!

    What a dream come true for you to make goats milk soap from your very own goats!! You do have the life!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dianne - Have a WONDERFUL time, Lacy! I know you can’t wait to see JOSH!!!


  • Tia Julie - Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.ReplyCancel

  • rachel - love spam… grew up on guam so how could I not. eat some with the rice and seaweed for me… whats it called? well my parents are out in Honolulu teaching… so my heart is in the islands……..ReplyCancel

  • Marlene - Hi there,
    You totally deserve this great get-away!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
    Say Hi to Joshhua for us. Love AlwaysReplyCancel

  • Michele - I could use a little time in paradise. Take me. And since you can’t really take me then post pics. I’ll live vicariously.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Will and I are having so much fun playing with the goats and chickens. LOL we are feeding them too! Have fun!ReplyCancel

  • Judy - Let me tell you about a new level of cool. We’ve been fishing for catfish. Oran lost bait, line, rod and reel the other day. The next day we spotted his float across the lake. Of course I said “Momo can get it” and set out walking across the dam. I did stop to pick up a stick in case I needed to beat off any wild hogs. The float was about 15 feet from the shore, but not where I could get to it. I found myself in a pickle needing to show my grandchildren that I would brave the scariest things for them. I went in around the roots of an old burr oak tree and swam 20 yards or so up the bank to the float. Right before I got there Woodrow, my new pyranees/lab pup swam up behind me and scared the who-done-it out of me. The fish was gone, but the rod, reel and float was saved and the children said I was the coolest and bravest. Momo. The moral is: be careful what you promise your grandchildren!ReplyCancel

  • Sophie - Wow, you made your own goat’s milk soap!!

    Have a nice & safe trip & enjoy the time with your handsome husband!!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - How great is that, and the soap looks good enough to eat (because it looks like cheese). You are funny too 😉 .ReplyCancel

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