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Knitted Gifts of Friendship


Receiving a handmade gift is better than eating frozen Thin Mints. Way, way, way better. ugg australia And that’s really saying something because Thin Mints were placed on this earth to annihilate our self-control with their deliciousness and mock us when we attempt to resist their wily chocolaty-charms. Now, for the sensational, spectacular, staggering, stunning, stupendous, sublime knitted gifts!

Lacy and Dr. <a onclick=mophie battery case iphone 7 Laura” width=”1034″ height=”744″ />

Meet Laura. And I’m on the left… penguin phone case iphone 7 the one with the dreadful tooth-to-gum ratio and earrings. rock phone case iphone 8 Oh, how I love earrings. star wars iphone 7 phone cases On the great Virginia roadtrip, we ventured into Maryland to visit my beloved Aunt Nancy and our Knitting Circle friend, Laura. timberland pas cher phone case for iphone 6 s Thanks to a scheduling glitch, we only got an hour with Laura but I just had to share the neat handmade gifts she gave us.

I-cord Necklace

We each received an I-cord necklace. ugg australia I-cords became a bit of an inside joke among the knitters of the Knitting Circle because they were declared miraculous and all-powerful by a particularly odd former-member of the Circle. Timberland FR The former-member bought all manner of pricey yarns and made nothing but I-cords with them. In fact, the woman (who was quite capable of making any manner of awesome projects) made nothing but I-cords. Endless I-cords of gorgeous handspun yarns. nike huarache moncler jacket soldes iphone 7 plus rose gold glitter case This irked Katy to no end. Katy, sister-after-my-own-heart, couldn’t stand to see all that yarn wasted on I-cord after I-cord. So, Laura made Katy an I-cord necklace. Moncler enfant doudoune pas cher Of course!

Katy and Laura

While the handmade and incredibly thoughtful gifts should tell you all about Laura. new balance pas cher phone cases for the iphone 8 I just want to take this moment to gush about how Laura is one of the most altruistic, intelligent, elegant, creative, talented, and honest human beings that I have ever known. nike chaussures For the record, I would even share the Thin Mints I just got from our local Girl Scout troop with her. She also made each of us the loveliest knitted rose pins of the softest yarn. timberland soldes

Knitted Red Rose Pin

I love handmade gifts! If you wish to make an I-cord necklace (click here) or the knitted rose pin (click here).

  • The Cotton Wife - I declare Thin Mints miraculous and all-powerful. All hail cookies!ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - A lovely gift! When it comes from the heart, it is the best of gifts… Nice portrait.



  • Julie at Elisharose - I don’t know about way, way, way better. But definitely way better.
    : )

    Oh, dear. I just checked out the how to on the I-cords. I can see where this could easily become addicting. I have several balls of very thin yarn that were given to me. They may very well have found their purpose for being.ReplyCancel

  • Kristine - I so miss Laura! Great pics…and phenomenal gifts! I-cord rocks!ReplyCancel

  • Visit with The Cotton Wife : Razor Family Farms - […] having lunch with Laura (Knitted Gifts of Friendship), we hit I-95 South and hugged the HOV lane through miles of intense Northern Virginia traffic. We […]ReplyCancel

  • Lakaya - thanks for this. I was basically looking for something unique i could do in pink for my mom who is a cancer survivor. as luck would have it, I knitted about 45 inches of i-cord just for the fun of it. its my personal “pink ribbon” was gonna use it for tying in my hair or as a belt. but now im gonna make that necklace. I have a mother of pearl slide that will go great with it but it hadn’t occurred to me until i seen the i-cord necklace….which is gorgeous by the way. ironically I have made donut necklaces like the one up there but out of satin cord. and I have made necklaces wih knitted beads, it just never occurred to me to replace the satin cord with i-cord that I already make.

    Again …. thank you… I feel inspired.ReplyCancel

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