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Socks in the City

SocksGuess what I am knitting? Socks!!! Okay, I confess that while I love knitting — I am also a big ol’ chicken when it comes to trying new stitches or tackling any project that can’t be easily transformed into a washcloth or scarf should I abandon it half way through. Indeed, I am a fickle knitter. Thus, socks seemed a daunting task. I was just sure that after completing one sock, I would be too traumatized to do much more than suck my thumb and do macaroni projects. That would be Sock Syndrome, a.k.a. Sockitis. It’s real. It’s chronic. And I don’t want it.

Mondays are Knitting Circle days **insert a dancing dervish or two** and last night’s circle was just about as terrific as having a jar of Nutella all to myself. My fabulous friend, Katy, taught me how to make socks the right way (using four lovely bamboo double pointed needles) in Waffle House after Knitting Circle. Could I just say that this was the first positive experience that I’ve ever had in Waffle House? It didn’t smell like a smoky public restroom and the floors weren’t sticky. Anyway, we sat there inhaling the vanilla-scented waffles, knitting, and coming off of our Knitting Circle induced manic cycles. Why does Knitting Circle make us manic? We are so excited to be there — so thrilled to be able to express ourselves with like minded females — that we cannot contain our alpha-ish selves any longer. We burst. We bubble. And then we crash. It’s delightful.waffle house

NOTE: for reasons known only to the uncool folks at WordPress (they are NOT on my Clone List, by the way), my pictures won’t upload. They are not too big either. So I borrowed pictures from Google image search. You may smack my hands. I’m baaaaad.

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