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Want to meet our friends?  I know that you do.  Many of them have amazing blogs with beautiful stories to tell.  These are my cosmic twins, soul siblings, and sources of joy.  One moment with them and you’ll see why I profess my loyalty to their zany, creative, and positively lovely selves.  They are not in any order because…. well, because I am not very organized in the braincase but they have all decided to hang in there with me nevertheless.  Thank goodness they have.  What would I do without them?  Seriously.  Actually, I don’t want to know.  *Just keep swimming, just keep swimming*

  • Landon — my Anam Cara from Virginia, who I miss dearly
  • Erin — my soul sister from Virginia
  • Aunt Julie and Uncle Raul — our beloved family in Alabama
  • Aunt Judy — a naturalist living in Alaska, who shares my life’s ambition
  • Rhonda Jean — my blogging hero whose blog Down-to-Earth made me want to blog our journey
  • Marlene — my dear friend and adopted mom in Canada, a blessing in our life
  • Amanda — a fellow Army wife and a gal pal who has agreed to let me kidnap her children…not really
  • Leah — amazing photographer and expert at long hair care (check out her DIY conditioners)
  • Shelli — glorious photographer and truly fun person
  • Connie — adopted mom, strong Christian, hockey fan, and a truly lovely person
  • Gina — devoted wife to her husband and an inspiration to us all
  • Holly — avid ghost hunter and true blue friend
  • Momma Barb — married to a honest-to-God cowboy and adopted virtual mom
  • Maggie — my green cleaning buddy from Simply Neutral (if you haven’t heard – their cleaners rock)
  • Robin — mind-numbingly beautiful photography and dear friend
  • Momma Taderdoodles — fellow Virginian (only not displaced) and inspiration
  • Judy — a homesteader after my own heart
  • Paul — a friend in Scotland with a fantastic blog
  • Denise — strong Christian and great mom
  • Holly the Knitter — knitting extraordinaire and full on bud
  • Auntie Katydid — creative knitter and partner in crime from knitting circle
  • Sheri — mom to Spencer, a very special little boy, and friend to me
  • Ingrid — my gal pal in L.A. who has promised to rescue me when I visit there next year
  • Jennifer in OR — thoughtful, forgetful (of anniversaries — me too), and wonderful
  • Christina — coffee fanatic, organic believer, and constant friend
  • The Cotton Wife — photography that’ll knock you sideways and a heart of gold (cute kids, too!)
  • Paula — a Great Northwest dweller, poet, and creative thinker
  • Crossview — a Georgia peach with a talented vocalist daughter and lots of critters
  • Tipper — an Appalachian gal with great stories to tell — she’ll steal your heart
  • Michelle K — my dear friend in Australia who loves my “chook” posts almost as much as I love her
  • YD — my friend first, then a blogger, and now a friend to many: she’s a gardener, cook, and a joy
  • Stacey — a Wyoming mom on a ranch with chickens & a beautiful blog
  • Dawn — my Canadian friend, who I adore.  Her blog?  Tops!
  • Lynnie — a mother who doesn’t mind sharing her children with me and a blogger who I love to bits
  • Linda Sue — country living with great photos and Linda’s spirit… wonderful
  • H — you know who you are and you are my forever friend
  • Sandy — devoted mom & blogger but mostly just my friend!  Check out her blog!
  • Jana — my soul sista, fellow blogger, and a totally awesome mom to a supercool son
  • Christine — a friend whose blog went caput but a truly great gal
  • Ernie — my heart, my dear friend who inspires me
  • CC — a mom with superpowers (how else could she be so stinkin’ cool?)
  • Kath — mother to half a dozen and a friend to a lot more than that
  • Kristy — Washingtonite, adventurous cook, and friend
  • Julie at Elisharose —  great mom, DIYer, simple living aficionado, and my pal
  • Rachel — foster mom and excellent blogger
  • Ann — dessert diva, writer to put David Sedaris to shame (that funny), and my friend
  • Rosa — amazing cook, extraordinary photographer, and my friend in Switzerland
  • Mrs Darling — a natural chef, friend, mother, gardener, writer, and blogger
  • Marky — head of a celiac clan, hilarious blogger, and awesome person – my pal
  • Michele — witty librarian and wonderful blogger who is also a terrific friend
  • Linda & Tom — I was truly blessed the very moment you came into my life, thank you for saving me
  • Applie — a friend, an inspiring homeschooling wonderwoman, and a bug photographer
  • Angela — dog lover, hilarious storyteller, and a friend
  • Meadowlark — a former farmgirl who shares her heart on her beautiful blog
  • Rue — a fellow Army wife whose inner beauty radiates throughout — she’s a joy
  • Mojavi — a great mom who is into the simple life
  • Barbie — mother of a family more beautiful than the Duggar’s and my friend
  • Amy B — mom to five beautiful children who shares the adventure of parenting on her blog
  • Fishing Guy — wildlife photographer, dedicated blogger, and country music fan
  • Paulette — a friend who’s building a log home castle and a great cook
  • Warren — a WV dad of beautiful children, a beekeeper, and a simple living pro
  • Dianne — a blogger with so much passion and love
  • Kim — an inspiring mom, blogger, nurse, and country girl who is also my friend
  • Jess — Bilssfully married to the wonderful Charley in Alaska, a friend and a fellow blogger
  • Robbyn – my dear friend, my heart, and my wonderful simple living sister
  • The Farmer’s Wife — Domestic Goddess, a simple living pro, and a friend
  • Jennifer and Sandy — (ex) sister-in-laws who are absolutely wonderful
  • Kelly — my real life sister who moved to Oz has a “happily ever after” fairy tale life
  • Chocolatechic — a busy lady, Christian mom, and an amazing chef & photographer
  • Valarie Lea — friend, mom, blogger, crafter, cook, photographer, and tons of fun!
  • Jeni Hill Ertmer — a love, a dear, and my friend who also happens to have a pretty nifty blog
  • Ashley — a witty blogger, mom, and a soul sista to me
  • Happy Mommy — mom to a beautiful family and author of a truly terrific blog (and she’s my friend)
  • Hank Will and Jenn Nemec — writers and friends at GRIT Magazine (more like family now actually)
  • Celesta — find nutritious, kid-friendly foods from this fabulous gal pal of mine
  • Insane Mama — she has teenagers… need I say more?  She’s cool and she’s my bud
  • Indian Lake Papa — a life coach if ever there was one and a blogger
  • Laurie — a truly beautiful person whose honesty and grace flows through her blog
  • Becca — a Rhode Island resident with a great simple living blog
  • Terra — a writer and a blessing!
  • Joan J — a delightful blogger, grandmother, mother, and simple living pal
  • Carolyn — a fascinating woman with lots of neat ideas and helpful hints to save money
  • Angie — a Michigan mom, farmer, and friend to all who shares her adventures in a great blog
  • Crunchy Christian Mom — an unschooling mom married to a teacher… I did not make that up:)
  • Kaleidoscope Living — a single gal who longs for pets and relishes the simple life
  • The Suburban Farmer — a SAHM and a backyard farming, homeschooling, natural living gal
  • Jayedee — a loving mother, gardener, caretaker of creation, and inspiration — my dear friend
  • Hansen Hootenanny — a heartwarming blog about a beautiful family and their simple life
  • Toiling Ant — this hard-working gal is a joyful blogger and a truly neat person
  • Clair — a stamp collecting bookworm and a great blogger
  • Jenny — a superhero of a mom and a champion of simple living with a terrific attitude
  • Aly in Georgia — a neighbor, scrapbooker, photographer, and a neat blogger
  • Jen — mother of two and a blogger who works hard to share recipes, activities, and more
  • Laura-Jane & Cameron — I love this blog.  Where has it been all my life?  I adore it.
  • Robyn — witty blogger with a blog that sends me into fits of giggles
  • Minnesota Mom — a truly gorgeous blog & blogger
  • Kelly & Meg — superbloggers who share farming, gardening, and simple living secrets
  • Hayden — an amazing writer who is leaving the city life for the country
  • Heidi — she got me thinking about how to make a liquid laundry detergent & is just lovely
  • Jessica — a homeschooling Navy wife and hero in her own right
  • Hallie — dog lover, mom, military wife, and hilarious blogger
  • Erika with a K — refreshing and fun, this blogger is a blast
  • NancyPants — a pastor’s wife, mom, and amazing person whose blog is lovely
  • Dirkey — a simple living, green home joy-spreading, blogger who I adore

This list is far from over but my brain is scrambled eggs at the moment and I must come up for air.  Do check out one or all of these great blogs and don’t tell them I was talking about them.  Nope.  That’ll be our little secret.

This post is a permanent page entitled Friends of RFF.  Love, Lacy

  • gingela5 - Awww thanks for the link love friend! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Meadowlark - Wow. The list is impressive and I’m beyond honored to be included. Found some neat sites that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And THAT is what I love most about the blogging world.

    Peace to you, my friend.ReplyCancel

  • Heidi - Wonderful, wonderful list!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Your list is great Lacy! You, yourself, have touched so many lives! I am truly honored to have “met” you, and hope someday, somehow, somewhere…I can REALLY meet you and give you & Josh a huge hug!
    Now, I need to go meet some of your friends & family.
    Have a great day!
    Momma BarbReplyCancel

  • YDavis - Have I told you lately that YOU ROCK LIKE KISS????
    Thank you for linking me. I guess we should thank our goldens for our friendship. If it’s not for them and our love for Goldens, I wonder if we would have ever “met”.ReplyCancel

  • Laurie - You are so sweet for including me in your list. You certainly have lots of blog friends and otherwise. I will be back (probably lots) to this post to check out some or all of these folks. My goodness, if I did it in one sitting, though, Jeff would be pretty upset when he gets home and there’s no supper to be had!

    Thank you so much for including me. That really, really makes my day!ReplyCancel

  • Jeni Hill Ertmer - Thanks for the shout-out and linky love there! Just reading down your list reminds me of the number of bloggers on my reader! I think we are both hitting about close to the same number of bloggers there! A bit daunting at times -but using reader to manage it makes it all a bit easier then!

  • Jennifer - WOW THANK YOU MA’AM!!!!!
    You sure have a BIG FAMILY!!!

    Jennifer and SandiReplyCancel

  • Michele - We may not meet in person but that makes us no less friends. Thank you for including me. Sending big hugs to you and Josh.ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - A great list! Thanks ever so much for adding my name to it! I’m really honored :D…


    Rosa xoxoReplyCancel

  • Lynnie - Wow! That’s a pretty impressive list! I love that you put descriptors by everyone! I am honored to be included, and of course my kids are your kids!
    I’m going to love getting to check out your buddies!ReplyCancel

  • becca - Thanks for the link! Slowly but surely I’m taking a look at all of them. I’m going to have to start sleeping less to keep up with all the great blogs!


  • warren - Excellent list! It’s going to take some time to visit all of these on your list but I fully intend to do so!

    Btw, great reference to nemo – just keep swimming, just keep swimming…excellent!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene - Dear Lacy,
    I “Thank you” and feel truly blessed to be on the list.
    lol,… Love AlwaysReplyCancel

  • Dianne - Oh, Lacy! Thank you so very much for including me in your list of friends. How I wish that one of these days…when I come South for a visit…we could actually meet in person! Oh, I also launched ANOTHER blog too http://mysouthernheart.blogspot.com. Pleae visit me there too!

    Hugs & blessings,

  • amyb - i am so touched that you thought of me! *wiping away tears* thank you. and i plan on visiting all the other blogs you listed. i love you read your blog because, well, you are just so darn nice! thank you for counting me as one of your friends!ReplyCancel

  • Paula - Wow! Thanks so much for including me on your list of friends! Back at you. As I’m reading this list, I’m seeing so many people I don’t know and I want to go visit them all! Must have taken you forever to link all that.
    I noticed on Stacey’s blog you mentioned that you were going to tell a ghost story but I can’t find it. Will you let me know where it is on your site? I’d love to read it!ReplyCancel

  • Ann - Wow.
    I got shivers reading that – simply from the beautiful and heartfelt and personal things you’ve said about people. You are, as always, JUST LOVELY.

    Thank you, my dear, for such wonderful words. You know what’s interesting? You’re the 2nd person this month to compare me to David Sedaris…how coincidental is that?ReplyCancel

  • Barbie - Oh wow! I made your list. 🙂 I’m glad to be your friend, Lacy.ReplyCancel

  • Paulette - Awww, you are so sweet. I am honored to make your list.

    You are awesome, taking the time to link all of these, and including all the sweet comments.

    I can see I have some great reading ahead, thanks!ReplyCancel

  • CC - That was a great post and I’m so honored to have been listed! I’ll check out some of your other friends soon!ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - Well, aren’t you just the sweetest thing. Thank you so much. I’m so proud to be your pal.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Sue - Shucks ma’am – I’m a little surprised and very pleased – I think of your blog as visiting a friend also! Of course I’m not so good about posting often and so interesting! Just read about testing soil – you are smart cookies you are! Good list – lots of variety and one constant – all good folks.ReplyCancel

  • Tipper - How nice are you!!! Thank you for the shout out, the linky love, and the very sweet compliment.ReplyCancel

  • Holly - Awwww – what a sweetheart you are, Lacy. *hug* *smooch* I don’t remember you linking me to this, but I’m sure glad you dropped by to give me more specific directions on how to get here – my “braincase” ain’t workin’ so right either, lately. 😀

    Thankyou for including me in your list, my friend. You have blessed me… *hug*ReplyCancel

  • ToilingAnt - Wow, thanks for the link and kind words. 🙂

    I’ve read through your adoption posts… how exciting! I can’t wait to hear when you bring your kids home. 😀ReplyCancel

  • Aly in GA - Thanks for the love and link, Lacy! You’re such a sweetheart and I hope that one day we can get our families together for a meet n’ greet. I know my boys would love running through your woods and I’m sure my husband would love to pick your husband’s brain about chickens and coops and such (as the boys grow, we’re considering investing in some egg layers – between your success and Robyn’s!)

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Both Lil D and myself are under the weather at the moment – he on the mend, and me wanting nothing more than a pillow and some peace. But this too shall pass and tomorrow will dawn brighter and full of hope.

    Peace and Blessings, Lacy!

  • Jana - Thanks love! We are totally soul sistas! I just imagine myself sitting in your kitchen making soap and you teaching me how to can, laughing and talking. Why can’t Georgia be closer?! Someday, my friend, someday…ReplyCancel

  • nancypants - Thank you so much for putting me on this very special list!! :^D You rock!ReplyCancel

  • mojavi at Simple Things - awwwww sweet!!! how did i miss this???ReplyCancel

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