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Aquaponics Transplanting

20140803_092959Aquaponics systems are truly amazing. harry potter iphone 7 phone cases As much as I love digging my hands into soil, I must admit that I don’t miss transplanting seedlings into our dirt gardens of yesteryear. A few of our seedlings were ready to have a home with room for root expansion. The entire process took a few seconds and my hands remained surprisingly clean. Here’s the process:20140803_092858  Step one is to prepare a place for the seedling to be planted. This involves scooping out the grow media. This is also a great time to contemplate the shape of the clouds above you or make a mental note that the basil needs to be harvested for pesto. iphone 6 case panic at the disco20140803_092719Step two is to remove the little darling from the tray. spigen iphone 6 case neo hybrid Feel free to use baby talk or sing while you do this because plants respond to good vibrations (Check out this neat article about how plants respond to sound). flamingo iphone 7 plus case  20140803_092726  Step three is to remove the cube and seedling from the tray and uncoil the roots. dr who phone case iphone 7 Seriously, would you look at those roots? They are cleaner than Howard Hughes’ hotel room. Yes, I know that wasn’t very nice of me. Poor Howard Hughes. Cleaner than… a frog’s armpit. There.  20140803_092738Step four is to remove or simply break apart the cube and plant the little sweetheart in the prepared space while taking great care with the roots. Remember that aquaponics systems allow for dense plantings so don’t worry too much about spacing.20140803_092959And the cutest baby cucumber lived happily ever after.

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