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DIY IBC Backyard Aquaponics

20140627_131215Imagine the scene in your yard: soothing trickle of water, lush verdant vegetable garden, and a farm-to-table plate of grilled tilapia on a bed of greens in the middle of a sprawling cityscape. Wait, what? 20140621_084701 Not all of us have acres of land on which to grow a massive vegetable garden or graze a herd of cattle. iphone 8 case original apple Many of us live in the suburbs with strict homeowners association rules against keeping chickens or partaking in any sort of farming activities. This doesn’t mean that we have to hang up our dreams of growing our own food and even raising our own meat. Timberland Homme Aquaponics systems grow fruit and vegetables without the use of soil. This system is relatively easy to make and the parts may be found in your local hardware store and on Craigslist. Before you begin, I recommend doing some research on aquaponics. I created the post “IBC Aquaponics Research & Resources” with links and information for you. bottes ugg soldes

Josh and I began dreaming of building an aquaponics system years ago but quickly got sidetracked by chickens, turkeys, and dairy goats. Well, can you blame us? Have you seen a newborn goat? My mind goes to mush just thinking about them. Of course, we had plenty of land to dabble in farming and traditional gardening but now we live on the tiny tropical island of Oahu. moncler femme moncler On Oahu, only the very very rich have acreage and the rest of us live in suburbia, townhouses, or condos. ugg pas cher femme designer phone case iphone 8 We are fortunate to have a spot between our fence and our garage which just fits three IBC aquaponics systems. The beauty of IBC aquaponics systems is that they don’t take up very much space at all. If you are interested (and since you are still reading, I’m going to assume that you are), check out the printable PDF with instructions on how to make the IBC aquaponics systems by clicking here. timberland boots homme black case iphone 8 plus Print those instructions and then you are one step closer to actually creating your very own aquaponics garden. pom pom iphone 7 plus case I’m so excited for you, friend! We have built two IBC aquaponics systems and are preparing to construct a third. soldes puma We absolutely love the system and will post regular updates on our progress. Right now, we have two aquaponics systems with tilapia and the third will have freshwater prawns. doudoune femme moncler nba iphone 7 case Our herbs and veggies are healthy without the use of harsh chemicals or any time spent weeding or bent over rows in the garden. nike roshe run chaussures puma We don’t have to worry about soil composition, green-manure crops, sprinkler systems, worm farming, or tracking down organic compost either.

  • IBC Aquaponics: Research & Resources : Razor Family Farms - […] Once we downloaded the IBC of Aquaponics PDF, we began searching for parts around Oahu.  The IBCs were found on Craigslist.org with relative ease and for $100-200 each.  Josh followed the directions and made a few slight adjustments (because the United States has yet to adopt the metric system and a few other reasons that we will get into in future posts).  We found growing media, sump, and tilapia at a really neat store in Waimanalo called The Aquaponics Place and the rest we found at Home Depot.  I highly recommend field research before setting up your backyard aquaponics system.  Seeing the aquaponics systems on display at the store helped us plan our garden and feed our growing excitement.  Check out pictures from our IBC aquaponics construction in this post: “DIY IBC Backyard Aquaponics.” […]ReplyCancel

  • prepping – 7_24_2014 | Headline News - […] DIY IBC Backyard Aquaponics […]ReplyCancel

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