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20140902_133147The garden is booming! I have never seen plants grow this quickly or beautifully. Would you look at that sweet baby golden zucchini? I love seeing the promise of food and knowing that it’s growing from seeds that I planted. Here’s a garden tour and update:20140902_133131Walking into the aquaponics area of our yard is starting to feel very Jurassic Park. We have golden zucchini (from Seeds of Change) with giant leaves, butter lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, cucumbers, and eggplant sprawling over the media and glowing with good health. doudoune moncler20140902_133301  Our fish have grown from fingerlings to adults and are nearly ready to begin harvesting. soldes puma chaussure iphone 7 white silicone case When that day comes, we plan on having the ultimate backyard barbecue for our friends with garden-fresh vegetables and newly-caught grilled tilapia. I love entertaining but it’s much better when I’m able to serve my guests “farm” to table. moncler soldes  20140902_133311Check out those heirloom tomatoes! Josh made a PVC arbor for them to climb and I can’t seem to keep up with all of their new growth. iphone 7 case silicone The limbs are heavy with perfect green globes which sun-ripen to a brilliant crimson. timberland homme I planted calendula behind the tomatoes (which can’t be seen in this photo because: tomatoes) as companion plants but also to add to salads. While Josh isn’t a fan of calendula in salad, I find it is a colorful and tasty addition.20140902_133428The cucumbers I transplanted have flowered and are beginning to produce teeny tiny cucumbers. moncler soldes balistic iphone 7 phone cases I can’t wait! They will be woven through trellis beside the aquaponics tank and likely be in full swing producing delicious cukes once we get the third aquaponics system set up with prawns or perhaps more tilapia. new balance femme pas cher iphone 8 plus phone case camo While I am not one to shy away from getting my hands dirty, pulling weeds, or hand-watering plants, I have to confess that aquaponics may have ruined me for traditional vegetable gardens. vente de asics ugg soldes 2018 There’s no bending and stooping (or subsequent aching shoulders and angry lower back) or worrying over plant-spacing. fairy iphone 6 case I don’t have the moments of panic upon leaving the house: “Did I remember to set up the sprinklers?” All of that said, we haven’t begun to utilize our systems to the fullest extent. ugg classic Basse iphone 7 plus light blue case After we finish the third system, we can expand with table planters and/or garden towers. Baskets homme PumaThe photos of the towers aren’t mine. I found them on Google and linked to their proper sources. With aquaponics, the possibilities are truly endless and I am eager to explore our options. One day, our space won’t be so limited but I will know how to make the absolute most of every acre having done as much gardening as possible in our suburban Hawaiian yard and, of course, all that we learned on our 3 acre farm in Georgia.

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