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Garden Planning with Canning Jars

Canning Jars Over Seedlings

Who doesn’t love to peer into another person’s garden? What did they plant? How did they get produce so quickly? Oh, the joys of gardening! But wait… bottes ugg what is this? Garden planning and a giveaway? We must be in heaven.

Gardening in a mason jar

Josh and Lacy RazorWe love gardening but I wouldn’t say that we are pros. Moncler doudounes femmes iphone 6 wrap around case I’m fascinated by the term “expert gardener” since I think it is an oxymoron similar to the classics: government organization, adult male, affordable housing, cable service, and decaffeinated coffee. The simple fact that we, as gardeners, are always learning makes even the best gardener an amateur in the face of dramatic weather changes, invasive insect pests, and blights. magasin uggs pas cher en ligne iphone 8 plus case glitter pink When gardening: expect the unexpected. Moncler enfant doudoune pas cher I love oxymorons. ugg pas cher Each year, we must pull a Tiger Woods and rethink our strategy. bottes ugg pas cher timberland homme We spend the off-season studying up, aching over plant placement, sunlight, drainage, soil composition, and potential hazards. mirror case for iphone 7 We draw from the lessons learned in years past as well. chaussures puma pas cher Let me waltz you through our basic garden start-up pictorally (and with steady commentary from yours truly, after all it is my GRIT.com soapbox):

Making a garden plan

We plan out where and when we are planting each vegetable (I painted it with watercolors because I have entirely too much time on my hands) and then set up a table in the driveway to fill the minigreenhouses with seed starting soil and seeds. iphone 8 armoured case

Waiting to sprout

We start our seeds in minigreenhouses. These often grace the shelves of large hardware and gardening stores. We love them. Moncler doudounes femmes iphone 8 plus case holder I use them year after year in my kitchen window. timberland boots homme iphone 7 plus holographic case

Mini greenhouses in the kitchen window

Shouldn’t every window look like this? Why doesn’t Southern Living or Better Homes and Gardens show this stuff?

Plants protected with mason jars

When we can no longer keep the lids on the minigreeenhouses without bending the seedlings, we transfer them out to the garden and cover them with wide mouth canning jars. moncler pas cher These work as makeshift gardening cloches (which can be read about in the GRIT article, “Get Your Garden Growing Early“). It only makes sense to use canning jars because the produce will ultimately end up in those jars anyway. ugg pas cher banksy phone case iphone 6 Why not? As the garden grows, I’ll be showing you some of our tricks to getting more plants in less space.

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