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How to Clean a Fish

goat While the lead photo is a bit misleading, the rest of this post is quite informative. This method is tried, true, and incredibly easy. mophie charging case iphone 7 plus Promise. Also, this post contains images of dead fish. iphone 7 armoured case Consider yourself warned. DSC_0239 We begin with tilapia. iphone 6 pink case Tilapia is not a sophisticated fish. If tilapia starred in a film, it would be played by Jeff Bridges in a bathrobe and it would write 69 cent checks in the grocery store. That’s right, I just managed to reference the Big Lebowski in a post about cleaning fish. Applaud here. I’ll wait.checkDSC_0244   See what I mean? That’s one humble fish. To start, it’s important to have a sharp thin-blade knife and a plastic/glass cutting board. We like to use the plastic cutting boards with the tail clip on one end but they aren’t required. If you want one, I suggest buying it from your local tackle shop or ordering it from Amazon. My husband was gracious enough to let me film him cleaning a tilapia from one of our aquaponics tanks. There are two videos. If you can’t open them, feel free to yell at me in the comment section and I will upload them to Youtube then repost. Just let me know. If you are trying to view them from a mobile device, try clicking on the link above the video and it will open in Flickr. iphone 5 and 6 case I hope that helps! Part One, Removing the Scales: Part Two, How to Fillet First fillet next to another tilapia. DSC_0242   DSC_0245Look at that! A gorgeous tilapia fillet that’s ready to season and toss in a hot cast iron skillet. baby bottle iphone 7 plus case I’ll post more on that later.

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