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IBC Aquaponics: Research & Resources


We first discovered The IBC of Aquaponics on YouTube some time in the middle of a nine month long winter in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Trust me, YouTube is a terrific resource for the budding farmer, curious hippy, rad hipster, or whatever category we happen to fall into (in our case, we were former-farmers transplanted in the frozen north).  So, of course, we continued our research but always returned to the IBC Aquaponics systems and one year later, we began the process of building our very own backyard aquaponics… in Hawaii!

Once we downloaded the IBC of Aquaponics PDF, we began searching for parts around Oahu.  The IBCs were found on Craigslist.org with relative ease and for $100-200 each.  Josh followed the directions and made a few slight adjustments (because the United States has yet to adopt the metric system and a few other reasons that we will get into in future posts).  We found growing media, sump, and tilapia at a really neat store in Waimanalo called The Aquaponics Place and the rest we found at Home Depot.  I highly recommend field research before setting up your backyard aquaponics system.  Seeing the aquaponics systems on display at the store helped us plan our garden and feed our growing excitement.  Check out pictures from our IBC aquaponics construction in this post: “DIY IBC Backyard Aquaponics.”

Here are some awesome resources:

IBC of Aquaponics
The Aquaponic Gardening Community
Aquaponics Nation
Aquaponics in Paradise (for Hawaii residents)

Here are some pictures from our trip to The Aquaponics Place:

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