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Vegetable Wash

Have you seen the price on vegetable washes lately? It’s horrible! My good friend, Gina, asked me how I wash my vegetables and I thought I’d show you:

I run my sink with an inch or two of water (more if I am washing a lot of stuff) and then pour in four cups of vinegar and a handful of salt. I then swish it with my hand until the salt dissolves.

Now I gently massage each vegetable or fruit in the salt/vinegar water. I then rinse.

The best time to wash your vegetables is before you put them away. If you wait until you are pulling them out while preparing a meal — you will be frustrated and possibly forget to do it altogether.

  • Melody Murray - This washing is even better when you can use spring water instead of tap water. Our tap water from the city municipality is so high in chlorine, alum, and dye and other ingred. that I only use it for washing dishes. I make a 30 min. drive to a spring where I refill milk jugs for a 2 week supply. Boiling tap water concentrates the chlorine which can harm your body. I am proud to say that this spring was tested and is 99% pure. The one percent being Sulfur. Which is good for your body, anyway.ReplyCancel

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