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A Haunting and The Farm House

One of the most difficult and rewarding things about moving to a new place is exploring the legends in that area. I’m not talking about sports legends. I’m talking about the best place for iced tea or corn muffins or the haunted house. The insider’s edge on a country town is vital to settling in. My new Georgian friend, Michelle, took me on a tour of Ellerslie and Harris County the other day. What a fine neighbor I have in her! She has made my clone list. (Do you have a clone list? That would be the list of exemplary citizens which you want cloned if human cloning ever becomes legal. I decided it would be wise to nominate candidates.) She took me to many different spots but two of them stood out. To the left is The Farm House. The Farm House serves some truly excellent desserts and is a local legend. My arteries clog just looking at the picture.

The second stop of my tour of Ellerslie was the former home of a family who claimed that their daughter was haunted by a man named Mr. Gordy. The locals apparently tormented this family until they finally packed up and moved away. Their story aired on television as A Haunting in Georgia which Josh and I watched before we ever knew it happened right down the road from us. I remember watching it and feeling so sorry for the family. Of course, I don’t care whether or not the family was actually haunted — honestly that isn’t what struck me as being sad. I hated that a family in crisis couldn’t find support within their community.

I’m curious, what legends are in your town? Is there a haunted house? What insider scoop do you know about that falls into the best kept secret category?

  • JoJo - Which house is Mr.Gordys?? Or are one of these the old Wyrick home?? I find this story fascinating and actually own the dvd “A Haunting in Georgia”.. I just watched it again today and decided to google pictures of the homes that belonged to these people!! I wish it was closer, Id love to visit them.. I doubt the present owners would like though lol:)ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Mr. Gordy lived in Columbus, I believe, not the house in Ellerslie. He was definitely buried in Columbus (that much I am sure of). The family was much happier when they moved away and I understand their children grew up to be lovely and accomplished.ReplyCancel

  • Latonia Clayton - I have watched the documentary of the Wyrick family many times over the years before the movie came out. Thanks for posting this picture of course it is the right one because this is the beautiful house they showed on the history channel.
    I like Heidi and her from family just from watching and they are a nice loving family in which my heart also went out to them especially Heidi and Lisa. I gotta say this before I go the movie pissed me off a little bit, they portrayed aunt Joyce as slutty trailer trash and I didn’t perceive her as being like that from the docu. Another thing , the title sucked! This movie had absolutely nothing to do with “A Haunting in Connecticut”
    please email me and let me know all the details in which the reporter first went to the house to take pictures and was spooked by something he saw in the window? I really would like to know.ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Latonia, I emailed you but wanted to also clarify that I never met any reporters and that the documentary was filmed before I saw the house.

      It’s a terribly sad story — one of many sad stories in the area — in which the community failed to support a family in need. During our years in Harris County, Georgia, we found terrific community. Most people we met were lovely, kind, and nurturing.ReplyCancel

  • Lori - As often happens, a community of church-goers are total hypocrites. They were obviously very callous towards the Wyricks.ReplyCancel

    • Simple Livin' gal - Lori, it’s very sad to think that a group of people supposedly committed to charity and altruism would act in such a way to a family in crisis. Indeed, it happens all the time and it is incredibly discouraging.

      We no longer attend church for that very reason. πŸ™ReplyCancel

  • Gracie mae dunbar - I have one question how many years did you and or the wyrick family live in that lovely house?ReplyCancel

  • Gracie mae dunbar - I know I said that I had one question but,if you don’t mind I have one more. Who is answering these questions?ReplyCancel

  • Marissa Hicks - Please email me as soon as possible. I have a few questions that are important.ReplyCancel

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