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Alaskan Yuletide

Lovely tranquil Homer, Alaska graced us with the most magnificent sunrises and sunsets. We met with our attorney in Homer and then our realtor in Talkeetna about buying a commercial property to become a bakery & cafe. Considering that the average person is far from productive during the holidays, I’m pretty proud of us for accomplishing so much during our trip. Of course, we still managed to find time to enjoy watching the sun move behind the Kenai Mountains and light up each sparkling wave of Kachemak Bay. I thought I’d share the splendor and also some random pictures from our holiday:


Yes, in fact, that is a majestic bald eagle watching the sunset from the Homer Spit. I thought that he would fly off when we took began taking pictures but the eagle just cast us a sidelong glance as if to say, “Are you seeing this? Alaska is just showing off with this sunset.” Indeed, it made my top ten list of all-time greatest sunsets. Keep in mind that I live in Hawaii (home of some of the best sunsets in the world).

20141226_150243Keep in mind that’s a cell phone picture which I took with my ungloved (and very cold — likely shivering — hands). That’s a shameful representation of that level of gorgeousness. Truly. I’ll make up for it by sharing this misty morning goodness:


On our second day in Homer, we all went out to cut down our tree. This didn’t involve a trip to a tree farm or supermarket but rather a short walk through the yard. We selected the perfect tree, my aunt started cutting it, I finished cutting it, and then I carried it back. Josh carried Caleb on his shoulders and looked quite dashing in his Carhartt coat with our smiling son. Is there anything as handsome as man who is a great father? Josh is every bit a fantastic father: playful and fun but firm and consistent.

image2Here I am taking a turn with the saw:

And here’s Caleb hanging ornaments:

I hope that everyone had a safe and scenic holiday. This time of year can be incredibly difficult and sometimes it’s hard to see others who appear to have perfect lives, children, homes, etc. We are definitely not perfect but we are a family. Oh, and I ruined a cherry pie on the twenty-fifth.

Lots of love,

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