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An Introduction and Cast of Characters

Katy and Angus

I am the girl previously referred to as Aunty Katydid. bottes ugg pas cher iphone 6 case plastic Lacy has kindly invited me to be a guest blogger so I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself and the major players in my life. moncler I am the simple-living city girl foil to Lacy’s simple-living country girl. asics en ligne Timberland Femme

Porchswing I live in an 80 year old mill house on the corner of a numbered street crossed by a numbered avenue and within walking distance of downtown Columbus, GA. nike air max 90 femme 2017 iphone 7 plus phone case ring Rather than being self-contained on my homestead, I much prefer to be within striking distance of all the things that I love. bottes timberland (While maintaining relationships with those self-contained individuals that can provide me with things like goat cheese and eggs.)

Like Lacy, I am an army wife that chooses to live an atypical military spouse lifestyle. (I choose to spend the vast majority of my time living and shopping and playing on the local economy and eschewing all but a very few military-centered activities.) My husband, who shall henceforth be referred to as Sgt. bottes timberland pas cher iphone 7 armour phone cases Grumpy, and I are raising three children – Curly, Meatball, and Bean. ugg australia pas cher femme We own three dogs and two cats, which fills the maximum legal limit for four-legged furry pets inside the city boundaries of Columbus. chaussure timberland ted baker iphone 6 plus case with mirror We also are the caretakers of Maxie the Cockatiel which is as close as will likely ever get to raising poultry in our neighborhood.

I grew up out in the country. puma pas cher iphone 6 tough case As a teen I dreamed of the day when I could move to a major metropolitan area and live the glamorous life of an urbanite. iphone 6 silicone case mint green Early in my adulthood I visited places like Philadelphia and Atlanta, and not that I knock them for other folks who seem to be happy there, I found them intimidatingly large. Eh, let me rephrase that – I found them scary. nike running homme moncler 2018 I feel most comfortable in a place that qualifies as something between a big town and a small city, and Columbus fits me like skin.

Downtown Ice Cream

I love my town because it is big enough to offer the amenities I simply MUST have – live music, good coffee, a variety of ethnic restaurants, museums, an independent bookstore, a thriving downtown area, good schools, good doctors, a wonderful church that feels like home for me, farmers markets, rich history, and easy access to a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. New Balance Baskets Femme versace iphone 7 plus case Yet at the same time it is small enough to maintain a sense of close-knit community.

Family at Fort Mountain

Over the next weeks, months – how ever long my involvement in this blog project lasts – I will relate to you, dear reader, about my adventures as a demi-urbanite – my cookings and knittings, town walking and wilderness hiking, downtown socializing and the pleasures of time spent alone, quiet spiritual revelations and buoyant bursts of bubbling joy, as well as many other bits and pieces of my chaotic life.

  • TheCottonWife - Hey there Aunt Katydid! Cute cast of characters… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Andrew Odom - Hey there Aunt Katydid. Pretty excited to follow your adventures as well. Keep ’em coming. Some of us out here love avoiding work and just reading blog post after blog post!ReplyCancel

  • Kriston - I adore your writing style my friend. I can’t wait to read MORE!ReplyCancel

  • Katy Clyde - Thank you so much Cotton Wife. They’re well aware of it and highly fortunate to be so — the way they act sometimes I think its their cuteness that keeps me from killing them!

    Andrew, I look forward to posting my adventures here. We have them in spades!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Hi Aunty Katydid! Can’t wait to read more of your adventures.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly - So strange that you can’t keep chickens in a small city like Columbus! Here in Adelaide, population approx 1.2 million, lots of people have chickens or ducks, even goats, sheep, or rabbits in their backyards. You can’t drive more than a fewblocks without seeing someone with a sign up selling eggs or fertilizer. You should petition your city council to change the regulations!ReplyCancel

  • Maureen - Nice to ‘meet’ you. We had the pleasure of visiting your fair city in Sept. for our Sons’ graduation from Army basic (lovely weather 😉 We especially liked the Chattahoochie River and dinner at the Cannon Brewpub, wish we’d had more time to spend downtown.

    See you around!ReplyCancel

  • Michele - Welcome!ReplyCancel

  • Sophie - Nice to meet you too!

    What a lovely post this was!! Your writing is equally entertaining as Lacy’s!ReplyCancel

  • Aunty Katydid - Kriston — I’m glad you’ve found us here. I think you’ll find Lacy’s writing quite to your liking as well.

    Laura — Is that my history buddy Laura I see there?

    Kelly — I assume you’re talking about Adelaide, Australia? There are no livestock type animals allowed within the city limits here. I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. It’s a fairly typical ordinance within most US cities.

    Maureen — Come visit us again and make sure to make more time for exploring downtown!

    Michele and Sophie — Thank you so very much for the warm welcome! I look forward to writing more.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - I am your history buddy!! HI!! *waving like a dork*ReplyCancel

  • Winter Odyssey : Razor Family Farms - […] better to take on a road trip than a fellow Appalachianite, knitter, and now-blogger, Aunty Katydid?  Her cd collection alone would have the average bluegrass/jamband-appreciative person scrambling […]ReplyCancel

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