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Batgirl’s Beauty Secrets

All girls need a lovely bathrooms. They are vital to our ability to feel whole and beautiful. We need to be able to walk in and be inspired to endure the pain of plucking our eyebrows, rub our skin raw in an attempt to exfoliate, battle the bumps from shaving our legs, and make use of that strange little torture device known as an eyelash curler. Guys, you have no idea what we go through. **insert any scene from The Bridget Jones Diary**

Why am I so hung up on this? Because Josh came home the day before yesterday after having been gone for a month. Guess who decided to get gorgeous before he arrived? I am now a blonde, press-on nail wearing, fake tan toting priss. I also committed the ultimate sin en route to picking him up: I wore high heels with jeans.

I just thought I would confess.

NOTE: I would have liked to post pictures of my newly finished bathroom (painted, decorated, and fantastic) but those Neanderthals working at WordPress decided that I never needed to be able to upload pictures again. Guess what!?!? WordPress must have heard my nasty little comment and decided to reopen the uploading feature. Either that or my wonderful friends, Carl and Kemble of Zowbie Consulting, fixed it. Those two are just superfantastic. So, you’ll notice — there are now pictures of the bathroom!

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