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As many of you know, we do not have The Farm yet. We have three acres, many plans, a garden, and some useful critters. Big dreams; tiny budget. This means that we spend a ridiculous amount of time drooling over farms belonging to other people. Like the farm that a dear friend of mine from Virginia sent information about (it hit the auction block today). Check out the fly-bys. Drool. Shall we all drool together?

More of the farm

Oh, it is just dangerous to look at that green grass and gorgeous horse barn! Serious eye damage may occur.

inside horse barn

And that, oh that was just the central aisle in the horse barn — which I would have had my wedding in if they’d have just let me. Ding dang, y’all. Would you look at those stall doors?

The main house above… yes please!

I wouldn’t turn down this barn either. Nope. See? I’m not picky at all.

And the garden plot beside the barns, house, indoor riding ring, outdoor riding ring, lush pastures, and river… more drooling.

I just thought I’d share. How ya feeling? Dizzy with farm envy yet? Yep. Need some more torture? Click here.

  • Happy Mommy - I felt blessed to have our 12 acres until I read this…. I am just kidding, we are blessed! And that farm is very beautiful! I want a horsey!ReplyCancel

  • Valarie Lea - That is one nice farm!!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - Gotta dream….. I do it all the time!ReplyCancel

  • Leah - HEY! I have driven past that farm many many MANY times on my way to visit some relatives in VA, and it’s on the way to boyfriend’s house too! Oh my GOSH Lacy pictures just do NOT do that place justice – it is SO gorgeous! Man if I had the money I’d totally snatch it up! *sigh*ReplyCancel

  • Julie at Elisharose - I absolutely will not click on that link. After the audible gasp at the shot of the inside of the barn, I have been drooling on the keyboard. First the pictures of those adorable children and now this. You are some kind of sadistic woman. ; )ReplyCancel

  • Sheri - Your website doesn’t like me anymore Lacy. I posted a few hours and it didn’t show up, so I posted again and it said I was posting a duplicate comment! I promise I will be good! LOL!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Wow!!! I thought you had a farm, my bad. I gave you an award on my last post for your awesome blog!ReplyCancel

  • Rosa - A great place! I’d love to live there…



  • Barb - …and the price is?? !!!! Dreaming is what keeps us all going forward! But Lacy, buy this place! My Cowboy would be willing to be your stall boy if housing is provided! Can he apply? He’d rather that~ than be the Scarecrow in my Lavender! And it’d be safer for him & saner for me! 😉ReplyCancel

  • HeatherJ - Oh… that horse barn is lovely! And the HOUSE! Beautiful…

    I don’t think I could ever get my son out of the creek and woods that surrounds it ~ nor could I get my daughter out of the barn. She wants a horse like nobody’s business. Check out that sloped part… wouldn’t it make a great sledding area? I would be content with a couple acres instead of many many ones, though. I’d wanna good neighbor, like you, to talk to over a fence!! I’d get too lonely that far out.ReplyCancel

  • Kath - That is a beauty!! Put your dreams into action!! My hubs always tells me dreaming is free. Now I keep wondering why it costs so much to “farm”!!!! hahaha

    I hope you will someday soon we able to live on your dream farm.ReplyCancel

  • Jana - LACY I’m totally bummed! For the last few days I haven’t been able to read your posts cause the chicken and the soap cover half of it… am I doing something wrong???? Obviously everybody else can read it… HELP!!!! :o)

    Let’s hope the new site will fix this problem. You are not alone! Sometimes I have trouble reading it, too! -LRReplyCancel

  • Farm Chick Paula - Just keep telling yourself, “I’ll bet those people that live there weren’t happy.” The slugs.ReplyCancel

  • The Holly Tree - Hi Lacy. [waves] Thanks for coming to visit me. 🙂

    I can see why you’re drooling – that’s some mighty nice land you’ve got pics of. And just think of the play area your children would have! [sighs happily] I hope your dreams come true, my friend; I really do. You and Josh have worked so hard for so long… You really do deserve to have your dreams come true. [Hug]

    Have an awesome day and an awesome weekend, my friend, and thanks again for visiting all my blogs. [Hug]ReplyCancel

  • Sheri - Jana, I have had the same problem since Lacy has changed her layout. I usually copy and paste the post into a word document and read it. I need to use it for my replies also and then paste them in here because I can’t see what I am typing and it looks like I can’t spell worth a darn!ReplyCancel

  • WT - That’s a nice farm, I wonder if they ever flood.ReplyCancel

  • CrossView - I’m wiping drool off my monitor now…. *sigh*ReplyCancel

  • Tipper - Thats my dream too!ReplyCancel

  • Jana - Yes, drool I will…
    Just keep that dream alive girl, I know you will have a beautiful farm too, no matter where it is.ReplyCancel

  • Robbyn - Any land that allows animals is entirely drool-worthy! But oh MY, that horse barn…just put me a cot in one of the corner stalls and let me smell/hear/commune with the horses. I always dreamed of having a horse, and asked my parents when I was a kid if we could have a barn (complete with horse(s)), and if my room could be right in it…ha!ReplyCancel

  • marky - I have to live vicariously through all of you.. My postage stamp is so confining!!
    Drool, pant, cry, kick, scream, yeah..I’ve done it all.ReplyCancel

  • jayedee - gorgeous? you betcha! and most of us would give our eye teeth for a spread like that one. BUT nearly anyone could live a sustainable lifestyle with a property like that. the challenge is to do it on the few acres or city lot that most of us, in reality, do have. several hundred laying hens? that’s alot of omelettes! but that one single, still warm, perfect egg would be lost in the shuffle and we would not appreciate either it’s uniqueness or it’s beauty. an acre of tomatoes? we might miss that beautiful dew kissed heirloom by the kitchen door that’s just begging to be bitten into. a hundred or even 50 dairy cows waiting to be hooked up to their milking machines and we miss the sweet relationship we have with old daisy waiting patiently by the barn door to be let in for her breakfast.
    dreams are great……but i’ll take my reality any day!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - Hey Lacy….you know, I was a city girl trapped in a country girl’s body. I’ve seen beautiful farms similar to that. My aunt still lives in a gorgeous dairy farm in NY. I however, need neighbors, tons of stores, things to do and of course my favorite RUSH HOUR!! But I do remember how pretty farms are. More of a visit than a live thing.ReplyCancel

  • The Holly Tree - Happy Monday to you, Lacy! 🙂 ::waves:: Just popping in to wish you a great day and a great week ahead. I hope you and Josh are doing well and that the adoption efforts are going well. I can hardly wait for you to announce that great and joyous occasion when we finally get to meet your new son or daughter! 🙂

    Catch ya later, my friend – I’m off to take care of some stuff before getting started on the prep work for our summer vacation. 🙂 *hug*ReplyCancel

  • Applie - Wow that is beautiful!

    Oops, sorry I have to wipe down the keyboard now. Too much drool.ReplyCancel

  • Hayden - ya’ know what? No drool here. I look at it and, beautiful as it is, I see headaches, hard work from dawn to long past dusk and insecurity. Some things are just too big to want unless you have the kind of money to buy it as a hobby farm! There’s a reason it got auctioned off by creditors.

    Sorry for the negative attitude, but amongst all of the others, someone had to register a dissenting voice!ReplyCancel

  • Ann - GORGEOUS! Oh how I would love a horse ranch and a lovely barn – or better yet, pastured, no-shoe horses…sigh….LOVE horses!ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - That is something else. I wouldn’t sneeze over having all that. Gorgeous horse stalls for sure. That would take a lot of money I don’t have. Here it would cost more for the same thing.ReplyCancel

  • Eva - Yes, but think of all the work in keeping it running. Mowing and haying, fence mending, barn cleaning, etc. All of this takes more than one person plus some expensive equipment. Where are you going to get enough horses to fill all those stalls? Board, raise? Who is going to paint the huge house?
    I too see only work and more money problems. If it were sustainable it would likely not end up at auction.ReplyCancel

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