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Pilgrimage of the Heart, Part Two

Sometimes I wonder what magic existed by the tranquil waters of Todd Puddle. Each time I brought a friend to camp or spend the day there, amazing things would happen. bottes ugg soldes There were dragonflies with Theresa (a.k.a. Teesa), stickfights on the shore with Landon, butterflies with Amanda, and there were always ladybugs with me. moncler pas cher I realize that none of those creatures or events seem all that unique. ugg soldes iphone 7 leather card case After all, winged insects are all around us and stickfights occur all over the world. Trust me, these were entirely different.


On my trip with my friend-since-childhood, Amanda, we camped at my favorite spot and took a few trips to the lakes. On one such trip, the shore line was covered with butterflies. I’ve never seen so many butterflies in one place. griffen iphone 7 plus phone cases I’ve even been to butterfly conservatories but I’ve never witnessed anything like the butterflies at Todd Lake. They were on every available surface with wings slowly opening and closing. iphone 7 phone cases spigen glitter A few would fly up like autumn leaves on a soft wind only to spiral back down to the ground. It was incredible. chaussure timberland Spiritual. We felt as though we’d stumbled upon one of nature’s secret rituals and watched in amazement. apple iphone case 6 leather Once in the water, we marvelled at the shore. Every inch of sand was covered in butterflies — a living breathing brightly colored blanket of intense beauty.

With Teesa, there were thousands of dragonflies at my beloved Todd Puddle. They swirled around us as we stood in the water and landed on our shoulders with gossamer wings glowing in the afternoon light. A couple shared in the splendor with their treasured dog (their child) and their love radiated around the lake. We simply absorbed. The dragonflies circled overhead like WWII bombers. iphone 6 case nouske I’ve recounted this experience many times and am told that dragonflies are a sign of water quality. They had likely colonized around Todd Lake and were mating. Whatever their mission, they inspired us and we felt welcomed into their world. We enjoyed a front seat pass to a stunning display of color and movement. The dance of the dragonflies I shared with Teesa, remains one of my favorite memories.

Alongside this creek Landon and I had a stick fight. It was terrific. Straight from the pages of every pirate novel or renassiance duel, we galloped over the large river rocks shouting our very best fencing cliches. “En garde!” or “Take that!” and my personal favorite “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die!” Keep in mind that both of us were old enough to have left such antics behind many years before but again… iphone 7 plus phone case real leather there was something incredible about this place. iphone 6 minimal case I wasn’t the only one to feel it , to witness the way we all were transformed while there. Each time I vsited, ladybugs would find their way to me. timberland sitemap In my mind, the presence of ladybugs is a significant thing. I found a ladybug on my scarf while under the tent at my grandfather’s funeral, in my hair or on my hands at each visit to Todd Lake, flying around my much-loved station wagon as my mother’s oldest brother informed me that I was never to contact my family again — that I was barred from the Harts forever because I couldn’t take care of my mother any longer, crawling along the window of my geriatric Explorer the day I fell in love with my husband, on my shirt sleeve the day I married Josh, on the dashboard as we drove cross-country on our first military move to Georgia, and resting on a flower which Josh brought me while I wept on the church playground when I realized that my four foster children would not be mine forever.

There are many journeys in this life and many more pilgrimages of the heart. In those times, we may question every decision we have ever made.

  • Rosa - Dreamlike… This butterfly congregation is incredible and that dragonfly is so beautiful!



  • Heatherj - Amazing… how God has led you and how strong you are! Your life is a testimony of the ability to rise above, to see beauty amidst ugliness, to punch through the grayest clouds to the blue sky beyond.
    Keep your chin up! Your story is far from over!
    Thanks for sharing, Lacy.

  • Sophie - Amazing pictures, yet again!ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Thank you guys so much!!

    Most of those pictures were taken with a disposable camera, can you believe it? Of course, not the dragonfly.

    Heather, thank you for your encouraging words. It hasn’t been easy but I think I’m making progress. Friends help. 🙂


  • Martha Ann - Oh, to walk in your shoes by that pond with those butterflies and dragonflies. I was feeling slightly pouty about the calendar clicking over to Sept. 1. You helped restore my equilibrium with your words and photos.

    Thank you,

    Martha AnnReplyCancel

  • Laisseraller - Great blog & photos! New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug:

  • Steve - The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind, the answer is blowin’ in the wind.
    —Bob Dylan

    A family and friends are like a wind chime; each member and friend hangs in delicate balance with the others. When a problem develops for one family member or friend, the rest of us often take on roles to try and deal with the situation. But what happens to our wind chime when we’re all pulling and pushing in different directions? Our balance is lost and we either all clash together or none of our chimes connect at all and there is only painful silence.

    If we let go and trust in that spiritual force beyond ourselves, we discover that it is like the wind. It moves our wind chime gently with a soothing breeze that allows us to relax in our places or move together as the force directs us. It brings out the beautiful harmonious notes we weren’t able to produce ourselves.

    Visiting and camping in wonderful natural places helps to focus the energy to pull all the notes together.ReplyCancel

  • amy - thanks for sharing! what a sweet, quiet, awareness of your surroundings/nature in the mist of significant times in your life. dragonflies are so beautifully colored; the sight must have been incredible!ReplyCancel

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