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In the name of all things good and holy, where did our time and money go? How oft have I asked that very question? Too many times to count. Choosing a simplified life does not lengthen the day or make the world instantly bend your way. In fact, as we contemplate why the government doesn’t allow a private citizen to install their own solar-energy system and fails to regulate the excessive installation fees… we feel the ugly shadow of discouragement creep over us. Then our bank account fails to produce the necessary funds to support our other inspired ideas or the tools to complete a project. Unfailingly, it is in these moments that we are reminded that our choice to pursue this lifestyle (while not always easy or inexpensive) is morally on target. We are then given the chance to see the rewards of our labors and the lighter side of life…

Yesterday, I was busily researching how to convert a broken refrigerator into a large incubator for eggs because I have grand ideas of hatching eggs and selling chicks without spending a ghastly amount of money on an industrial incubator. (Have you priced these things? If I say any more, I’ll be spitting soap bubbles as penance.) As I scribbled notes on the usage of bathroom fans near the thermostat and the joys of tilting trays, I heard Josh walking very quickly through the house and peeked just in time to see him step out on the front porch with a gun. **Insert dueling banjos from Deliverance** He told me later that he had a sixth sense moment (if you ask me, the guinea fowl contacted him telepathically). So he grabbed his gun like a good soldier and went to save the day. I stalked him with camera in hand, hoping for action. The simple life just went from frustrating to exciting. Three of our guineas were running in circles, sometimes running smack into each other — like heated up atoms. Josh raced ahead towards the fence in the front lot.

He stopped and took aim. It was then that I saw the flash of movement through the fence coming from our yard. Josh lowered his weapon but remained on alert:

The guineas began to move past Josh and he followed them. I carefully tiptoed along behind the group making as much noise as was humanly possible (because I’m about as likely a candidate for espionage as I am for WWF training camp). Josh bent down. I prayed silently: “Oh no. Please, God, not more death!” The guineas began making horrible sounds. I glanced over in time to see the fourth guinea go racing over to the group. Josh waved me over to see:

Sixteen guinea eggs had been guarded by mother guinea against a creeping fox who managed to avoid Josh’s expert superhuman sniper powers by aligning him/herself with the neighbor’s propane tank.

And suddenly all the red tape, lack of funds, and bureaucratic male bovine fecal material vanished… the only thing in the world was my wonderful husband holding my hand as we stood over a nest of potential life. We were in awe of the boldness & bravery of our little guinea hen who protected her unborn babies from a daunting predator. Fearless in the face of overwhelming odds, she held her ground until the fox was long gone.

And this is what choosing the simple life does to you: the very moment you doubt your purpose or consider the obstacles insurmountable, some extraordinary force reins you back in. You find yourself centered and motivated. Suddenly the sacrifices seem minor and of little consequence. Making homemade soap, clothing, and bread; gardening and canning; keeping poultry and collecting eggs; knitting, spinning, quilting and darning socks; and all the million-and-one ways of simplifying life are not only worthwhile — they are vital, renewable energy for the soul.

This post is dedicated to Rhonda Jean from Down to Earth, who asked for her readers to write about our personal ways of living simply.

Simple Living blog picks: Colours of Dawn, Applie’s Place, Nexus Farm & Alpacas, and Home-keeping Hearts. Check them out and be inspired. I am.

  • Dawn - How wonderful to have those guinea fowl eggs so well protected. Loved the photo story too. Thanks for the blog pick mention. I will go visit the others in the next couple of days.ReplyCancel

  • KH - I LOVE this post~! You are a fabulous writer, by the way.
    And solar panels??? You mean you can’t just install them??? No way. really??? jerks… whine about all the energy and “global warming”, but then don’t let us personally try to make a dent in it, huh?

    I have racked this blond brain of mine for years to try to figure out a new way of creating roofing tiles that are really solar energy collectors…but look like… roofing tiles. Wouldn’t that be great? Every home would produce it’s own energy. A fabulous idea, I think. Too bad I’m not an engineer.

  • Jessica - Such a beautiful post. Isn’t life amazing?ReplyCancel

  • Christina - Thanks, Lacy, for being such an inspiration! ChristinaReplyCancel

  • Dirkey - What a good momma guinea you have!
    Thanks for posting what an awesome post!ReplyCancel

  • Tia Julie - Lacy, Once again I would like to state that Raul and I truly believe you should be writing for a magazine. This would be a perfect post to submit to one. 🙂 Those guineas are awesome! A mother after my own heart! And a community to support her efforts “it takes a village to raise a child (or 16 guineas)!”
    Raul finally got to see the video of the ducklings in the bathtub last night.
    We loved having that laughter together.ReplyCancel

  • The Holly Tree - Morning, Lacy. ::wave:: What a poignant reminder about how the universe always shows us that no matter how rough things may get for us, there’s always something positive to be found. In this case, I would have to say it’s your renewed sense of courage, strength, and determination to continue following the path you’ve chosen to walk. Not many people could do what you and Josh are doing, my friend, and believe me, both of you are truly an inspiration. Just look at the comments you receive about what you’re doing, if you ever feel like you just can’t keep going…

    If you want to know what kind of effect your efforts are having, just drop by my place and check out today’s post. It’s what’s there today that makes what you and Josh – and others like you – so important and so inspiring. You really are making a difference, Lacy…ReplyCancel

  • Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS - Lacy,

    You do have a gift for words! What a terrific story! I have goose-bumps from reading about your mother hen. And I’m thankful that your hair pulling turned to uplifting excitement.

    I do believe that God reminds us time and time again that we should stick to the path He sets before us, which in our case and yours, is simple living. I am inspired by what you and your husband are accomplishing and I relate also. We are in the midst of figuring out fencing for the goats we already own (at the neighbors’) and the ones we want to buy. My head is spinning with the possibilities and then we also have so many other things to figure out to get to that simple life we crave — and there is not enough time, legal allowances, or money. Definitely not enough money! Definitely not enough government support! The thing that gets me is why in the world should it be so expensive to do things the natural way? Well, I am going to stop complaining because I know God has all the answers and He reveals the path to us as we trod along seeking the right way.

    Thank you for the encouragement of your blog and your way of life.

    Love, WardehReplyCancel

  • Christine - Inspiring post! Thank you for reminding me that even in times of trials that there *IS* always blessings and lessons that God wants us to learn.ReplyCancel

  • Kim S. - Hi Lacy,

    I came over to visit you from Colours of Dawn. Thank you for reminding me of what is important in lifestyle choice. I had forgotten. It was lost amongst life’s continuing ability to throw complications my way. Although not always as simple as our romanticizing minds might think, simple life is good.


  • Michelle AKA Applie - Awwwww, so the guinea are doing well and will hatch? When are we going to see those babies? I thought you put your guineas in a cage? So glad your husband out foxed the fox. 😀ReplyCancel

  • Caroline in NH - What a wonderful post! Today I have contemplated making new shorts for 10 yo DS. I bought the material last year and never got around to doing them; good thing, because now he’s just about outgrown the old ones and will need new ones this year.ReplyCancel

  • Leah - Just stopping in to say I hope you have a nice weekend. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Hayden - Dang, there are a LOT of eggs in that nest, no wonder she was so determined! Surely that must be more than one hen using the nest?ReplyCancel

  • Shelli - The post was beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes, because for me that is what marriage and motherhood are like. Simultaneously difficult and rewarding. I thank God that he gives me the eyes to see the rewards even when the trials are so obvious.ReplyCancel

  • Ann - Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post. In this crazy, complex, often confounding world – it can be SO difficult to appreciate the simple things – and you do it BEAUTIFULLY. It is people like you who make this world a refreshing place – and a place of hope as well.

    LOVELY to read, Lacy. All the best, AnnReplyCancel

  • Bel - Hi Lacy!

    Thanks for visiting my guest posts at Down To Earth. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

    I love your writing style and photos, and hope to follow your journey here.

    Thanks for sharing, Bel xReplyCancel

  • rhonda jean - Hello Lacy! At last I’m here. I do apologise for taking so long to get here.

    I LOVED your post. It’s really well written, it’s wonderfully descriptive, loving, illuminating and inspiring. I can see you being just like that little guinea one day soon, protecting your baby from the perils in the world. Keep writing! Did I put you on my side bar? I’ll check, if I didn’t, I will. Big hugs love.ReplyCancel

  • RosieB - What a wonderful post! I’ve bookmarked you and will be back to read more. Thanks so much! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Simple Livin' gal - Thank you so much for your comments, friends! -L.ReplyCancel

  • Fishing Guy - Lacy: It’s fun to search your site and find these great posts. Are these the eggs you hatched.ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - Good momma guinea. Did the eggs hatch?ReplyCancel

  • Can Hardly Wait : Razor Family Farms - […] about our adventures last April in Pure and Simple, where we as: “In the name of all things good and holy, where did all of our time and money […]ReplyCancel

  • Sonal - Natalie, because of pleope like you gives me great hope for our future in mankind.I am sure that you inspire so many to live a life of kindness, goodness, & delight. To follow their bliss & to strive to make this world a better place to live. Thank you! I am so glad that someone put your blog on fb . to share with others.ReplyCancel

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